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Mob Rules - Tales From Beyond

Mob Rules
Tales From Beyond
by YngwieViking at 17 April 2016, 9:53 AM

Recently with the release of the 20 years anniversary massive box set that was in coherence called “Timekeeper” ; you could feel or maybe believe that Germany's MOB RULES was taking something like a second breath in their career or even an off time to reinvent themselves after some fast years in publishing in succession several albums, with various success (like the disappointment for 2012’s “Cannibal Nation”) and a few commercial achievements… Perhaps the end of an era with some drastic changes in sight.

In fact, for MOB RULES had chosen, it's the exact opposite. On the wake of their two decades of struggling up over everything, against all odds, ignoring the trends, Matthias Mineur and vocalist Klaus Dirks have decided to go on, walking straight on the rocky road, standing proudly against the wind with their cross to bear, still digging down, deeper and deeper, focused on their own way once again and imposing their very own Metallic devotion, a faithful dedication regularly put to the test! True to an honest vision based on the legendary sounds of NWOBHM (the anthemic the immediately engaging “On the Edge”) with here and there some slight improvements borrowed to the Prog genre and to the Teutonic/Celtic Power Metal style ("Somerled").

On March 18 via the legendary Metal merchants Steamhammer/SPV distribution channels, the Power German metallers MOB RULES will release their eighth album, entitled "Tales From Beyond", packaged in a superb digipak but also available in a double coloured vinyl LP edition and of course in the mandatory digital download with the obvious bonus tracks marketing trick (even if the song “Outer Space” is a particularly recommended re-recording cut from the sessions of “Savage Land” 1999’s time uplifted, updated and renewed; in one word: better!)

Musically more stubborn as ever, in total coherence with their tenacious Steel allegiance, their Old School MAIDENIAN twin-guitar meets SAVATAGE Symphonic sounds (“Signs”) are blending amazingly well (“Dykemaster’s Tale”), perfectly on par with the contemporary scene but with maybe the supplementary organic edge, necessary to keep the switch for the "Headbanging factor " on, in the effective position and still working (“On the Edge”/“The Healer”/ “Dust of Vengeance” with a great choir reinforced by selected guest-vocalists like gifted rising star Herbie Langhans (from SINBREED/AVANTASIA) or the regular backing vocalist and veteran frontman Chity Somapala (ex-AVALON/ex-POWER QUEST).

If it’s undeniable that it has a bolder focus on the up tempo paces, compared to their last few albums, I’d states that the album reveal a more edgy temper, but at the same time without losing the clever Proggy inclination (The last part of the triptych saga “A Tale From Beyond” : “Science Save Me!” ), indeed it still has that characteristic epic scale, specific of the 2009’s "Radical Peace" and overall, it feels fair to compare it with that similar album globally.

Of course the lead singer Klaus Dirks voice is in perfect shape, he’s sounding as good as ever and if at times , he certainly reminding me of the majestic flavours of Bruce Dickinson (the opening and “A Mirror Inside” at slot nine) or even some sublime operatic reflects, borrowed from a younger Geoff Tate (notably on the whole longest epic piece divided in three parts under the “A Tale From Beyond” moniker), his personality is shining and his brilliant performance is flawless all over the entire recording.

Far from being in the necessary dispositions to give up, showing a bold determination, never in the coward weak provisions for the compromise (“Through the Eye of the Storm”), and refractory to modernity and now more than ever stuck on the fundamental principles of the law! The only Modern concessions are made for the better with sound improvements brought by the talented hands/Skilled ears of the experienced Markus Teske (VANDEN PLAS/FIREWIND/RED CIRCUIT/SINBREED) once again in charge of the sonic concept with another neat work.

MOB RULES is a seasoned band, very proud of its numerous achievements has delivered here one of their best works; a quite obvious statement, at least for those who still believe in eternal virtues of the forge, a career masterpiece and a future favourite, clearly a cornerstone of their discography!

Production: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Dykemaster's Tale
2. Somerled
3. Signs
4. On The Edge
5. My Kingdom Come
6. The Healer
7. Dust Of Vengeance
8. A Tale From Beyond (Part 1: Through The Eye Of The Storm)
9. A Tale From Beyond (Part 2: A Mirror Inside)
10. A Tale From Beyond (Part 3: Science Save Me!)
11. Outer Space (digipak bonus track)
Klaus Dirks – Lead Vocals
Matthias Mineur – Guitars
Sven Lüdke – Guitars
Markus Brinkmann – Bass
Jan Christian Halfbrodt – Keyboards
Nikolas Fritz – Drums
Record Label: Steamhammer/SPV


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