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Mobius - Kala Award winner

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 29 February 2020, 4:36 AM

From the Facebook page, “coming from both hemispheres of this planet, MOBIUS is the synthesis of five musicians, each having grown up in a radically different environment, forging their own beliefs, values and musical tastes. The music of MOBIUS is a blend, at the image of Reunion island from where the band takes its roots. Modern metal, Indian and Asian tones, Maloya and Jazz chords are some ingredients. “Kala” is the band’s third release, and is Sanskrit for the word “time.” The album contains nine tracks.

“A” is a very short piano instrumental, leading to “Abhinivesha.” Those bass notes hit you first, then comes a strong rush of Progressive music. Heli is controlled at first, but then she stretches out as some Djenty rhythms come into play. The music is very interesting, and you can tell the band has experienced and talented musicians, shifting rhythms and adding keys and then retreating again. It’s plenty heavy. “Sharira” gets off to a heavy start, with ethereal vocals and some subdued melodies. The piano pause allows Heli’s silky voice to shine, but those heavy accents soon return with plenty of vigor. They have mastered their music, and remind me of the skill of a band like DREAM THEATER.

“U” is a song mired in mystery, with soft drum strikes and a haunting piano melody. The sound begins to pick up and segues into “Mukti.” Still with an air of mystery, the guitars, bass, drums and keys come in hard. This is some very complex material but presented in a way that is easy to understand. The rhythms begin to pick up and the melody switches carriers. Heli then switches languages. I can’t understand what she is saying but the cadence is mesmerizing. The sound drops to just a few alluring piano notes before the sprint to the finish. “Akasha” is both delicate at times and roaring like a lion at other times. You start to get lost in the song, becoming immersed in the material and forgetting about time passing. It finishes with heavy, ominous notes.

“M” is another shorter song, featuring rolling drums and a sitar? It grows darker and heavier towards the end with some minimal vocals. “Bhati” opens with heavy guitar accents and some melodies in the background. You find yourself tapping your feet to the rhythms. I love the use of keyboards here…they really provide another element to the music. Alternating with piano at times, it opens up the melody to go along with the heavy riffs. Some Middle Eastern/Indian sounds come into play after the half-way mark. It’s fascinating how they piece all of this together into a comprehensive sound. “Agni” is a short two-minute instrumental closer. The song sort of pulses with Heli’s light vocals, like something you might hear coming from another planet.

This was a pretty amazing album from start to finish, and something very original to boot. The Progressive elements are quite strong, and each member is very skilled at their respective instrument. Heli’s voice is very unique. She keeps the vocals subdued most times but when she unleashes it, it’s like a coiled snake going for the kill. The synergy of the band is perhaps what makes the album as good as it is. There is a myriad of different elements that contribute to the sound, but are combined flawlessly into compositions that are elaborate yet accessible, all the while these Middle Easter/Indian influences can be heard in the background. This is one of the best Progressive albums I have heard this year so far. Just brilliant musicians!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. A
2. Abhinivesha
3. Sharira
4. U
5. Mukti
6. Akasha
7. M
8. Bhati
9. Agni
Xavier – Guitars
Alexandre – Bass
Adrien – Drums
Heli – Lead Vocals
Guillaume – Keyboards
Record Label: Incendia Music


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