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Modern Monsters - Malice

Modern Monsters
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 11 May 2023, 5:49 AM

The North American lands known as Bay Area of San Francisco (CA) were the cradle of many pioneers of Thrash Metal, and no one can deny such fact. Acts as METALLICA, EXODUS, SLAYER and others built solid musical careers throughout the years since the early days of the 80’s. But when no one is thinking about Bay Area anymore, then the region gives birth to MODERN MONSTERS, and here they are with a five tracks EP called “Malice”. Their musical work is based in a form of Alternative Metal/Rock that is filled with many different influences. In some moments, they show a dirty Rock accessible appeal (as heard on “Prism”), some Rap Metal touches, and even moments that can be said as radio-orientated (in other words, some raw Pop Rock/Punk Rock influences, as clear on “Road to Nowhere”), and with some clear moments where some remnants of JANE’S ADDICTION’s music is omnipresent.

Of course that fundamentalist Metalheads will have a hard time trying to assimilate the band’s music, but for those that aren’t caring about labels, their music shows energy and a clear melodic appeal that’s hard to resist. The sonority given to “Malice” is really very good. It can be described as a combination of efforts to make things clean and defined (for boosting the understanding of what’s being expressed), but with a clear organic appeal (they’re have a modern outfit, but Alternative Metal doesn’t need something ‘greasy’ at all). It’s really very good, and no complaints about the comprehension of what’s being played can be done, as well as about the energy these songs bear.

“March 3rd, ‘91” is s song where some groove and old Rock ‘n’ Roll and some Rap Metal traces are in the mix as well, but the weight and massive impact of its guitars and bass guitar parts can’t be denied (and the resemblances with JANE’S ADDICTION music are clear). On “Prism”, the band brings a clear commercial set of melodies, even keeping the rough appeal of Rock ‘n’ Roll, with some Punk Rock and Post Punk touches (with very good vocals). Bringing things into a more accessible song due its hooking melodies (a real Alternative Rock moment of the EP), “Road to Nowhere” is that kind of song that can be a success on the radios, with strong drumming and charming guitar riffs. On “White Rabbit”, the lysergic influences of the 70’s mixes with some modern groove parts, and it’s a more aggressive song on its chorus. And “Greed Machine” is another hooking accessible song with influences of Pop Rock and nasty Rock ‘n’ Roll. This release will earn the band more fans for sure.

“Malice” is surely a very good release for Alternative Metal/Rock fans, so dive into it. MODERN MONSTERS did a great work on these songs, indeed.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. March 3rd, ‘91
2. Prism
3. Road to Nowhere
4. White Rabbit
5. Greed Machine
Josh Weaver - Vocals
Wyatt Lennon - Guitars
Rich Wells - Guitars
Brody - Bass
Keenan Tuohy - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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