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Moeror – The Ghosts of Amour Propre

The Ghosts of Amour Propre
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 02 December 2020, 7:53 AM

MOEROR is a Black Metal band formed in early 2018 by Giannis, Nodas & X. The band started working on original material and in late 2018 recorded its first ep named “Sag,” consisting of two songs. The “Sag” EP released on digital form in March 10, 2019. Now, they are back with their debut full-length, titled “The Ghosts of Amour Propre,” which contains seven tracks.

“Urban Nihilism” leads off the album. It’s a fairly traditional Black Metal sound, though the vocals are not shrieks, and the guitars venture out a bit. I love the synth notes. It harkens back to the 70’s. Just after the half-way mark, bass guitar notes take over, with some pounding accents of rhythm guitars. From there, it changes to sort of jazzy passage with some piano notes. I take back what I said earlier…this is not traditional Black Metal at all. “The Ghosts of Amour Propre” opens with sad clean guitar tones that gradually get more aggressive. It builds to a frenzy of distorted guitars and anguished vocals. Kevin Paradis really does well on the drum kit as a secondary riff takes shape.

“Others” begins with clean guitars and keys. The guitars are dissonant in sound, and there is a pervasive darkness present. In comes a scream, and the song moves slowly, deep with depression. All elements come together in the ending sequence. “Time’s Diadem” begins with steady key notes that burst into a powerful riff and drumming. Heavy accents hit here and there, and then it slows towards the end with a charming sequence of beauty. “Janus-faced Messiah” opens with a bit of melody, that is soon dashed by the raging vocal torments of X. It slows to a crawl towards the end, with heavy guitar accents.

“Youth in Naphtha” begins with some slow keyboard melodies that are despondent in nature. Some feedback in the background settles in as well, and it begins to build. It slows again to feature the powerful drumming of Kevin Paradis. ”Cluster of Trillions Egos” closes the album. Distorted guitars lead the charge here, in what is an angry affair. Around the half-way mark, it takes a brief pause, then returns with a vengeance. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at their take on the genre. It’s quite creative and different than other Black Metal albums I have heard. They incorporate melody and keys in the mix, which takes it a whole different level. A thick sadness permeates the album…it’s gut-wrenching and devastating to listen to. Overall, an excellent album by a band who is not afraid to take some chances.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Urban Nihilism
2. The Ghosts of Amour Propre
3. Others
4. Time’s Diadem
5. Janus-faced Messiah
6. Youth in Naphtha
7. Cluster of Trillion Egos
X. – Vocals
Giannis Anagnostou – Guitars
Kostis Prassas – Guitars, Synths
Nodas Zanos – Bass
Kevin Paradis – Drums (session)
Record Label: Independent


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