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Mofsed - Rattenkreig!

by Quinten Serna at 23 June 2019, 12:18 AM

Delving straight into the deepest dirties annals of history, one finds the sinister malevolencies of mankind and whilst the passage of time encourages the growth of scar tissue marring and obscuring the once repugnant visage there exists those amongst us unafraid and undeterred to probe and prod deeper into such malignity. Hailing from Davis, California MOFSED is a three piece reckoning band indulged in pursuing the trespasses of the human condition, whether in the manufacturing of war or the transgressions of human nature through lyric and rhythm they deliver unbridled sentiments.

Commencing with the chug-heavy and eponymous “Rattenkrieg” the album starts up with a rhythmic desecrated riff segueing into the verse progression that delivers a macabre and exacting description of the allied advance on European shores during World War II, the uninhibited delivery of the instruments and lyrics hit heavy as intended; yet, the second track, “Dawn Patrol” offers a much slower approach to the same concept, wherein the vocals come in shrill droves juxtaposing both the subject matter and the verses. Just past the halfway mark the song picks up in speed and begins playing off an almost baroque riff for which the solos glide over and contrast in distinction before a dual harmony pulls the song into a much more melodic drive highlighting the band’s strength and aptness for dynamics.

The greater portion of the album is dedicated in theme to the tumultuous and caustic aggressions of war and dissonance, whether focused on the manufacturing of war, the terrors of World War II, a biting take on an Ancient Egyptian holy war, or the glorification of defending a kingdom’s philosophy through acts of aggression. All of which are coupled with odd, depressing, caustic, and aggressive instrumentations that perfectly align themselves to the themes—or vice versa—and create for themselves a listening experience as driving as it is headbanging. We can see such examples as in “Silent as the Grave,” “Scroll of Ani,” “the People,” and “Critical Bondage.”

The mix of instruments is well contained and distinct, the guitars blend a bit too much making it difficult to discern one from another in terms of rhythm, but the solos showcase both players’ skills and their approach to music; the drums have about themselves the perfect volume wherein they neither swell nor diminish and even the accentuations of the cymbals do naught to overwhelm the soundscape as a whole; the distortion of the bass in an interesting approach but makes it difficult to focus into behind the guitars—despite any abjection the whole of recording is an impressive feat as it was done completely independent of a label’s involvement.

MOFSED is a group consisting of heavy hitters unafraid to explore the murkier waters of history and have themselves a sound unique to such a concept, any person with a penchant for Death Metal—especially with an interest in macabre history—would be sure to want this album in their collection, and their cover of King Diamond’s “the Family Ghost” only aids to that assessment.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Rattenkrieg
2. Dawn Patrol
3. Tokkōtai
4. Grotesque Procession
5. Silent as the Grave
6. Scroll of Ani
7. Chivalry
8. The People
9. Critical Bondage
10. The Family Ghost (King Diamond Cover)
Mike Clements - Bass and Guitars
Randi Teresi - Drums
Zakk Thonen - Guitars and Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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