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Mojave Lords – Unfuckwithable

Mojave Lords
by Omnius D'Worgen at 07 June 2015, 5:09 PM

Holy smoking bluntheads, Batman! Did I waltz my way into a desert rock-n-roll hall of fame ball without noticing?With a shopping list of great names and contributors to the record, David Catching and Kevin Bingo Richey's band MOJAVE LORDS sure set great expectation from their debut LP.

The aptly-named LP Unfuckwithable bears the unmistakable sonic mark of the California desert right from the start. Heavy and dominant drums, powerful bass and the infamous "desert rock" guitar sound (along with some very nicely-done parts in synth) create a powerful sonic environment for the Marlboro-voiced vocals to beat through. However, true to its name, the LP has a slightly more aggressive approach then most of its genre – it walks with more swagger, with a roguish smile and a gleam in its eye. The (various) rhythm section does its job very well in this record – giving the drive needed for the rather more laid-back lead section while not being in its way. Guitar leads are usually one- or two-notes with about a metric ton of feel, and the vocals have a nice range of force, being stronger or mellower as the song demands – never going completely outside mellowhood, though. All in all, we have all the ingredients for a great desert rock record in the mix.

 At points, it seems the mellowness goes too deep though. Mellow rock songs should feel (to me) sort of like a Harley Davidson idling – relaxed and content, but with immense power underneath. Here, though, some of the songs feel like they lack that power beneath the surface.

 Here's the thing, though… what we have here is not a bunch of friends who are just starting out, we have experienced musicians in collaborations with even more experienced musicians (as I said in the exposition). This is definitely a cool record, and definitely entertaining… but I can't help but feel that these particular people could have done better.

3 Star Rating

1. Sweet Little Down & Out
2. Hot Throwaway
3. Anytime Rock
4. Dancefloor Slammer
5. Second Skin
6. Knuckles
7. Microwave Me Baby
8. A Whole New World
9. Sage
10. Unfuckwithable
David Catching - Guitars & Bass & Synth
Kevin Bingo Richey - Vocals & Guitars & Bass, Synth
Brian O'Connor - Guitars & Bass & Drums & Backing Vocals
Barrett Martin - Drums
Joey Castillo - Drums
Danny Frankel - Drums
Chris Goss - Backing Vocals
Sven Altmetz - Backing Vocals
Record Label: Last Hurrah Records


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