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Molder – Engrossed In Decay

Engrossed In Decay
by Ricardo Casagrande at 23 September 2022, 12:31 PM

MOLDER is a Death/Thrash metal band from Joliet, Illinois. This is their second full-length release to date but have put out much more material in the form of split albums, live albums and demos. Formed in 2017, the following year they released a single, two demos, a split album and a live album. This trend of releases continues until 2020 when they put out the full-length album Vanished Cadavers. Following that up with two splits and a compilation album called Sonic Purulence under the label Goat Throne Records. We now have in our hands their newest release to date Engrossed In Decay.

The album starts off with the track “Glutinous Remains” and it is a pretty straightforward thrasher. Coming in with a slow build-up of drums and a meaty bass line before the guitars bring a slow thrash melody into the mix. The vocals on the track are a coarse growl with a low screech but at times you can hear some cracking in the voice, mainly on the deeper tones. They change the pace with “Engrossed in Decay” but with the tempo it seems like the drums do most of the heavy lifting to bring the thrash. There is an old school element to the track, but it doesn’t live up to it. A cool guitar riff that is quite catchy takes you into the next track “Relentless Pestilence”. Nothing like a disastrous virus wiping out mankind to get the album going but including a well done solo and a main riff that sticks in your mind, it is a good track.

“Chemically Dissolved” adds a little Doom to the album with some slower chords ringing out before jumping into the fire. This is a top track for me on the album as it really has a little bit of everything to get heads banging. Though I can’t lie, I am not a fan of the vocals on most of the album, but they fit well here giving an edge to the song. The album is sludgy and under-produced, but it works if you are sitting down to listen to uncomplicated and sluggish metal and not to be blown away with anything on the album, or the album itself. I’ll jump ahead to the closing song “Casket O’Maggots” as it does bring the Death metal feeling more so than others. Keep in mind you are getting pretty much exactly the same on this track as the others, some drums blasts, grungy sluggish guitar riffs and a bass that you really have to listen for to know it exists. Here is the thing though, I really think people would enjoy the shutting off their mind and just taking this song for what it is without any overanalysing.

With that being said, I think that this is how this album should be taken into account. You will not be blown away with anything on this album, on the other hand, you might have a hard time saying that you didn’t like it. It gives you reasons, and they will be justified but think of it as a B-side to a record. You don’t not like the B-side of the record; you just don’t like it as much as the other. If you're gonna give the album a go, start with one of the tracks and be able to accept that this is what you are going to get.


2 Star Rating

1. Glutinous Remains
2. Engrossed in Decay
3. Relentless Pestilence
4. Chemically Dissolved
5. Disinhumed Carcass Revived
6. Huff the Stench
7. Unsubstantial Hallucinations
8. Ghastly Mutation
9. Decomposed Embryos
10. Casket O’Maggots
Aaron Pantke – Vocals, Guitars
Dominic Vaia – Bass
Kyle Pooley – Drums
Record Label: Prosthetic Records


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