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Molis Sepulcrum – Left For the Worms Award winner

Molis Sepulcrum
Left For the Worms
by Justin Joseph at 30 August 2021, 10:27 PM

Hungarian Death Metal militia, MOLIS SEPULCRUM forge their first creation in the form of an EP, titled “Left for the Worms” on Pulverised Records. MOLIS SEPULCRUM illuminates the statement, ‘less is more’ as the body of the band is comprised of three (3) members, yet this trio is enough to dispel an obliterating sonic sound that will wake any ancient beasts that slumber beneath the earthen floor. The production of the EP harkens back to that of the old school era of nineties (1990s) Death Metal where the mix brought forth emits a crude recording towards the instrumentation but it is not so unrefined as to detract from audibly hearing each singular instrument, even though the sound may present itself as being obstreperous, it works as an advantage as the mayhem that is churned in every note fosters an unsettling atmosphere.

The first positive that takes a dominant stance on the EP is the percussive elements, which are mixed in such a way that every beat feels bone shattering, the tone released from the drums has a thick and visceral quality to it, the playing sounds unhinged and frantic that it constructs an illusion of a stone-hammer coming down with violent force, caving in the chest, breaking flesh and bone, spewing forth bodily fluids and tissue with every impact, songs such as “Impaled by Fear” and “Ready for Dissection” are just some examples that showcase this aspect. Following this point, another highlight of the drumming is the groove laden patterns that it interjects into “Left for the Worms” especially where the snare and cymbals are concerned, as this combo is often used to break up the flow of intensity that courses through each song, however, it does not detract from the overall feral spirit as it meanders into a different zone where the chaos is concerned, “Agony of Disease” is a track which exemplifies this description. in fact, it is because of these patterns, one may consider this album quite groove oriented, as it can be compared to the likes of CEREBRAL BORE and even CRYPTOPSY (“None So Vile” era) in terms of the percussive factors implemented throughout in order to segment the furious style of riffing brought forth by the guitars.

The guitars employ a multitude of thrash influenced riffs accompanied with deep chugging and frenzied style picking that would leave the fret board and strings slick with blood after recording. Even though musical virtuosity is displayed in the frenetic patterns brought forth by the riffs, the EP is not simply composed of mindless riffing as it saunters into an almost occult like territory with the melodies exhaled. The progression of chords used to assemble this atmosphere gives the illusion of a congregation of worshippers cloaked in black cloth whispering sermons foreign to the tongue over a fire which flames licks the sky, twisting and dancing into a shape of a great horned beast as the chords ring louder and louder so too does the shape begins to transform into a physical entity.

If the guitars and drums were the bones that lay within a crypt, the vocals is the breath which animates this foundation and cloaks it in blood and rotten flesh. The vox paints the feeling of a decaying corpse, crippled to the coil and encased within tomb of soil, however a string of life still clings to this vessel as death has not fully taken hold, the voice which rattles from its hollow chest is the sound which infests this EP. Listen to the track, “The Prey” in which the vocals expand around the wall of sound and like blood seeping from a fresh wound, it increasingly pulsates with every beat.

For a first release, MOLIS SEPULCRUM displays a finely cut morsel that will leave the listener foaming at the mouth and craving for more, like gasses expelled from the stomach of a bloated carcass, the album displays a pungent aura that ensnares the senses with the cacophony of noise. I would recommend this EP to fans of Death Metal and Extreme Metal, as its one that possess much replay value and coveys musical technical proficiency within the intensity ensued from its sound. To MOLIS SEPULCRUM, if this is chapter marks the start of great beginnings, then I eagerly await your next creation! Cheers!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Prey
2. Impaled by Fear
3. The First Insection
4. The Agony of Decease
5. Ready for Dissection
6. Left for the Worms
Disemboweler - Bass, Vocals
Winehammer - Drums
Alkoholizer – Guitars
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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