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Molllust - In Deep Waters

In Deep Waters
by Johnny Jackal at 08 May 2016, 4:29 AM

At first, I was kinda bummed that this wasn't MOLLUSK, the Sludge Metal band, but the band MOLLLUST, an Operatic Metal band. Two very different styles to say the least! A lot of bands have Operatic elements, but are classified as "Symphonic Metal", but MOLLUST is clearly aiming to put "Opera" as its main focus. There will always be the comparison within this genre with bands like WITHIN TEMPTATION and, obviously, NIGHTWISH. Unfortunately for English speakers, the band doesn't write in English, and most songs are in German. German is one hell of a language and it adds some sort of mystique to the songs. I give them that, it’s very original. Not understanding the initial language of music I listen to is a big pet peeve of mine, but I can usually put this aspect on the back-burner so I can really concentrate on how the instrumentation alone makes me feel.

The music is so powerful, reminds of the classical music I really enjoyed when I was much younger. It may be a tad slower than some of the classics, but they add a lot of Power Metal elements. The sound is refreshing and the usage of Opera vocals really blend well with the music. Sometimes I feel like Operatic elements don't fit with the music behind them, but in this instance, it’s really on point. The band's style reminds me a lot of some of the old SNES Japanese RPG’s. The scores in those games are quiet but really powerful. It’s like some of those boss battles back when I was a kid. It pumps you up but it stresses you out! It’s like adding an Opera twist to a band like POWERGLOVE. It’s pretty nice and I really enjoyed it! And personally, I really hate Opera!

One big plus is the production, the album's sound hits you like a ton of bricks! They took their time so it would sound awesome and it really shows. The piano is powerful and all of the classical elements that vibrate throughout your body when you listen to it. I can only hear from one ear due to an infection, but I could feel the music with my left ear. It’s downright awesome to actually feel the music like that, even with one ear you can hear the energy! I was blown away but the quality of the music, on par with a lot of the classical elements of TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA and the "forefathers" of the genre like BEETHOVEN, HANDEL and the other great composers (if only they can hear what they helped spawn)! The Opera style vocals and classical elements really gel well with the rest of the music, this was one hell of a great surprise for someone that had serious doubts before listening to the album itself!

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1.Ouvertüre Nr.2
4.Paradis Perdu
5.Voices of the Dead
6.Paradise on Earth
9.König der Welt
10.Number in a Cage
12.Passage nostalgique
14.Erlkönigs Töchter
Janika – Vocals and Piano
Frank – Guitars and Vocals
Luisa – Violin
Sandrine – Violin
Lisa – Cello
Carsten – Double Bass
Simon – E-Bass
Clemens  - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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