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Monasteries - Silence Award winner

by Craig Rider at 10 June 2021, 1:14 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MONASTERIES; signed via Seek And Strike Records, hailing from England - performing Technical Deathcore, on their sophomore EP entitled: "Silence" (released 26th of April, 2021). Since formation in 2013; the sextet in question have 3 EPs in their discography so far entitled: "The Empty Black" (released April 27th, 2015), "Pulmonary Failure" (released November 30th, 2018) and this here 3rd release entitled: "Silence". 5 tracks ranging around 19:17; MONASTERIES arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Technical Deathcore developments.

Opening up with this deciphering array of static; a cryptic introduction with the barrage frenzy of trailblazing blast beats within  "Jorogumo Yokai" revels with sonically seamless bombast; blistering adrenaline amplifies with monstrously meaty manifestations on rampantly rompy ramifications, belting bruising calamities in flamboyantly driven chisels piledrive with rambunctiously pummeling veracity from consisting, hammering drummer Daniel Hill.

Stomping with rampaging vigor, profusely robust slams significantly bulldozes eardrums into a clobbering maelstrom of groovy distortion and gnarly gravitation. Steamrolling with stompy steeliness, sturdy thuds & savagely sinister malice - MONASTERIES pierce through you with slaying stability. Where towering substance on sulfurous yet riveting scours snare with salubriously volatile organics where the trembling rumbles of reverberating precision frets a gripping hook but intensely injects a borderline foundation on mountainous pandemonium & ruthless stability with outrageous mayhem that will get heads banging in no time.

"One Minute To Minute" contrasts a distinctively distinguished dexterity in dynamic but rapidly swift nimbleness where vibrantly potent snappiness rift with this triforce of yet razor-sharp maelstrom vehemence from guitar shredders Ben Standley, Aaron Wright & Toby Carter. No wonder the sound production is furiously loud, this trio of rippers will wake you up with full force impact as imploding combustion relentlessly utilizes versatile virtuosity while drum cymbal chaos gallops immersively with progressively technical frolics & chugging deadliness. Just what I needed on this warm morning with barely any sleep, unveiling primitively raw tightness on weighty transformations on concretely gritty firepower expertise – as punchy jumpiness distils a fluidly polished outrè on quintessential panache & stampeding drills.

"Digital Suicide" infectiously fuels a killer laceration on venomous bass audibility from Sam Mitchell, thumpy flickers articulates hybrid experimentation as grinding pursuits strike with exhilarating heft until this inventive flow in computerised synth systematically surges with maximum variety & zestfully tempestuous triggers resonate with berserking hostility in which will make you want to break chairs over other chairs in no time.

The penultimate track "Allowing Your Traitors To Die" flourishes with malevolent veracity; where persevering persistency on jarring snarls, monolithic tempos & wildly rushing uproar outbursts with remedious hullabaloo in which shouts with raspy throatiness from front man Jack Kinsey. As he barks with yelling pig squeals; gruesome growls, groveling gutturals and bellowing extremity as aggressive but flexible fundamentals in DJent-esque mobilities marvel with some symphonic touches while ominous aesthetics in dark tendencies on radically wicked stridency - which showcases powerful diversity in creatively constructive with yet primal brutality.

Overall concluding "Silence" with the finale epic and raging titular track; I am compelled to say that MONASTERIES most surely outdone themselves with their 3rd EP offering, such titanium strength that definitely deserves a good handful of spins to get the blood flowing and pumping. An enjoyably entertaining headbanger for sure, most re-playable & worthy of discovering. Do check it out - your neck will thank you.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Jorogumo Yokai
2. One Minute To Midnight
3. Digital Suicide
4. Allowing Your Traitors To Die
5. Silence (In The Place Where Heaven Should Be Found)
Daniel Hill - Drums
Sam Mitchell - Bass
Ben Standley - Guitars
Aaron Wright - Guitars
Toby Carter - Guitars
Jack Kinsey - Vocals
Record Label: Seek and Strike Records


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