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Mongol - Warrior Spirit

Warrior Spirit
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 25 July 2017, 12:50 PM

Canadian born Folk Metal band MONGOL formed in 2009 in the province of Alberta, “inspired by the ancient hordes of the Mongolian empire.” Following their debut EP release in 2010, the band released two full-length albums in 2012 and 2014. “Warrior Spirit” is their new EP here, and contains three new tracks. Folk Metal rose in the 1990’s in Europe, with early leaders SKYCLAD from the UK, and CRUACHAN from Ireland. It’s an intriguing form of music in that Metal can be blended with traditional folk instruments from the native country of the band. The lyrical content is also interesting and often deals with myths, legends, nature and the like. So, let’s get to the EP.

“The Mountain Weeps” opens the album. If Power Metal could register in the mid-tempo pace, this might be what that would sound like. A noble riff leads a charge of both harsh and clean vocals, while the themes talk about how the mountain belongs to nature, and not to man, and asking forgiveness for manmade wars waged upon it. Following the second chorus, folk instruments provide a nice interlude…flute, pipe or recorder, mandolin and toms. The harsh vocals could be the angry voice of the mountain, while the clean vocals could reflect a regretful man. “River Child” tells the tale of a child born of wolf and faun. He “fed from the faun and hunted with the wolf, befriended the falcon and sung with the wind.” The pace has quickened here, with a notable heaviness from the pounded skins, guitar and bass. The chorus is sung with clean, harmonized vocals, like an anthem, in that they are more declarative than emotional. It makes you want to grab a scimitar, some supplies, and take off into the plains to join the cause sided with nature.

“Warband” is the final track on the EP, at just over seven minutes in length. The “warband” are the nomads, rising and falling together, brothers in arms forever. It’s also a fairly quick moving song with a resonating deepness from the instruments and vocals, twin lead guitar harmonies, and folk elements throughout. This war cry is the perfect end to the EP, energizing your spirit while pummeling you with Heavy Metal at the same time. I think the album cover is a very good depiction of the song as well as reflective of the band in general. It shows a river landscape, with mountains in the background, and a solitary doe and wolf splitting either sides of a sword embossed in rock. The wolf has really come to symbolize nature in general, one of her true spirits of the hunt, a predator in beauty. The doe represents innocence. Overall, I enjoyed the EP. I wish there were some more songs to listen to, but the three that they gave us here are all good. Check out “Warrior Spirit” to awaken the inner warrior in you.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. The Mountain Weeps
2. River Child
3. Warband
Tev Tegri – Vocals
Zev – Lead Guitars, Vocals, Folk Instrumentation
Zeime – Rhythm Guitars
Sorkhon Sharr – Bass
Sche-Khe – Keyboards
Bourchi – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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