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Monkeyhead - Monkeyhead (CD)

by Dimitra Zertopouli at 29 March 2002, 12:24 PM

Sleaze? Sleaze in the 00's? Yeah, Sleaze at it's best!!!! Monkeyhead grew up while listening to Ratt, Motley Crue and Kiss, what else could we expect than a return to the 80's? Melodic Hard Rock with power guitars and a feeling in the vain of L.A. Guns, Warrant, Ratt, Winger and Firehouse.
Monkeyhead is a Heavy Rock quartet with Jason Hook (Bulletboys / Mandy Moore) and Simon Davies being the main songwriters. Their self-titled CD is produced by Jason Hook himself, while the executive producer is Beau Hill who is known from his work with Winger, Ratt, Warrant, Alice Cooper, Europe and many more.
What I really love in this album is the lyrics! Simon Davies had THE inspiration when he wrote them. Check this out: Don't kiss your momma with that mouth cause she don't know where it's been…. Blueberry sauce dripping off your peach, got a fur pretty kitty with an ultra suck. I haven't seen such dirt in a song since… Whitesnake's Spit It Out! As for Mr. Davies' vocal capabilities all I have to say is: WOW! Why the hell I didn't know this guy before? If someone has any info about his previous works please mail me!
The CD starts with my favorite song, The One That Makes You Crazy, which not only has the lyrics I mentioned above but it also has a great rhythm, attitude and amazing guitars (Well, Mr. Hook knows very well what he's doing!). This song brings a huge smile to my face, that takes quite a while to ware off. Dragon Fly, Guns Of July and Anything For Money will make you fall in love with this rhythm section (Paul Bartel and Steve O.), while the second has a great catchy riff and the third a ripping rhythm. Temptation, Only You and All My Friends In Heaven are power ballads that bring Poison to mind. Adriana is the only song that didn't impress me much. I loved the vocal lines and lyrics (serious this time) in Bow To Your Master. And last but not least, Morphine a song that smells like 80's more than any other!
What else can I say? Nice And Sleazy!

4 Star Rating

The One That Makes You Crazy
Dragon Fly
Guns Of July
Anything For Money
Bow To Your Master
Stark Raving Mad
Only You
All My Friends In Heaven
Simon Davies - vocals
Jason Hook - guitars
Paul Bartel - bass
Steve O. - drums
Record Label: Now & Then / Frontiers Records


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