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Monolith Grows - Black and Supersonic

Monolith Grows
Black and Supersonic
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 17 July 2018, 7:29 AM

Wow this has been great this week as I have two reviews from Italy! These rockers are from Modano City and I'll say I'm happy having to review them. Monolith in a band's name sounds quite interesting for me since I love Desert Rock, Doom, and the Stoner scene. Called at first MONOLITH only, they changed their name after seeing that inspiration was contagious for the least! So, they added GROWS to it and it resulted in a cool name. They are blending at least three influences, from QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE to ALICE IN CHAINS, » singing like SOUNDGARDEN’s Chris Cornell. Sounds cool, heh? Yeah it is. And they have their own sound and identity even if they don't hide themselves behind those giants.

"You're Gone" starts it all, with incredible vocals that express very well the emotions of the song. The guitars teams up very nicely together. Excellent riffs, and lead guitar. This song is absolutely remarkable. "Ultraviolet in the Sky" is reminiscent of ALICE IN CHAINS, » and has the obscure feel and groove in the riffs and playing. Once again, Mr. Marzoli uses his voice to the extreme. I really love his peak level performance a la Chris Cornell. It’s not that long of a song but does the job in a very entertaining way. "Satan Monday Bureau" is quite fast paced. Riffing in an emergency. This song features ex-UNIDA and actual HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES Joe Mora. Atmospheric, and strange in the second part filled with melodic inspired guitars.

Now we head to some ambient instrumental, the title says it all. "Interlude with Synths and Clean Guitars" is a quite relaxing and smooth, and fills perfectly this two minutes of a break. "Here Comes the Hero" is a great rock song, with a great Seattle nineties feel. A mellow one, not exceptional but cool. "Silly Gods" is a strong vocal harmonies powered song. The guitars are well produced, and I like to feel that the rhythm one and the lead one don't sound in the same perspective. One is a little farther away than the other, and it creates a great feeling, and the vocals are dangerously addictive. OH! A great gift , we have an astonishing solo to finish the song in a fade out. YEAH.

"So Fresh" is the eighth song, and this albums flows pretty fast an smooth. Here's another song that makes me travel like 25 years earlier in time. That's cool. his one made me sing hahaha (ooh -oooohhhh). I love it. "Low" is Layne Staley revived from his tomb, and man that’s very pleasant. Mr. Marzoli could have tried to sing for AIC after Staley's departure. Even the guitars are AIC oriented. Just the backing vocals are different. It’s a good thing, because it shows more originality to the song. "Above The Doubts " starts with a Zeppelin-esque riff, bass is a little fuzzy thats cool, the chorus is pretty catchy and effective. Very NIRVANA-esque. "Empire of Dirt" acts as the last before the curtain falls. Now not just the voice sounds like ALICE IN CHAINS, as the vocal harmonies are similar as well. It’s a superb song even if it’s very influenced.

Without reinventing the genre or pretending to do so, MONOLITH GROWS" is a very talented band that produces a dangerously addictive and inspired nineties influenced rock without stepping in the traps that playing with such gigantic icons are too often seen. Thirty six minutes is a good choice because it makes it pretty fast and nicely done in a short amount of time, without the less interesting parts or fillers that are used in many albums. GOOD JOB! Very entertaining!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. You're Gone
2. Ultraviolet in the Clear Sky
3. Satan Monday Bureau
4. Interlude with Synths and Clean Guitars
5. Here Comes the Hero
6. Silly Gods
7. So Fresh!
8. Low
9. Above the Doubts
10. Empire of Dirt  
Andrea Marzoli - Guitars & Vocals
Enrico Busi  - Bass & Vocals
Massimiliano Codeluppi - Guitars
Riccardo Becero Cocetti  - Drums
Record Label: Burning Wax Productions


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