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Monoscream – Aeon Award winner

by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 12 November 2019, 7:04 PM

MONOSCREAM are a Swedish Thrash Metal band who are determined to always deliver in their recordings, whether it's a demo or a full length album, the work behind it is always enormous. On stage the band is known to be energetic and professional leaving the crowd and arrangers with a smile. During the years of playing gigs around Sweden, the band gained experience of being on stage and is shown with a professional act and sound. Let’s see what the new album has in place

Warzone” kicks in from the intro song “Enter Chaos” very well, keeps up the pace that has already been built up and then puts it into a higher gear. It has a heavy Melo Death feel to the song. AT THE GATES pace at its best. A great stance for the album opening (vocal) song. The drum beat from Fredrick is fast and will keep you tapping your feet and banging your head. It has a slower breakdown towards the end, but it doesn’t close the album, they have one final gear shift to take the song home. Vocally, Niko has done very well to keep the melodies together. This is a true band coming together. Andreas, Micke and Kim’s Liljedahl and Wiklund strum together perfectly to create a harmonic melody that is fantastic. It’s awesome

We Are Legion” holds nothing back. As the opening lyrics kick in they say “we are here to stay” and I firmly believe them! The build-up is very intense. It has the similar feel to how IN FLAMES used to be, but just heavier. The song progresses smoothly throughout. A few vocal outbursts just add the brilliant overall feel to the song. The style they have chosen for the song is fantastic. The speed is very well controlled. This fucker will open up the pit nicely.

Cerberus Rise” makes me think that the band have too many good ideas on how to create their own sound. It’s a new, faster pace but still keeping the intensity. Vocally it is more aggressive, which again, works wonders along with the deeper chords to tear the album a new one. The break down will make your head bang up and fucking down. It’s awesome. Its modern Death Metal at its finest, no cuts, never backing down. The pits will be in full flow during this song. It’s heavy but it’s controlled so well. You never think it’s just adding a riff or drum beat, or even vocal outburst for the sake of it.

For All Those Lost” is full of power. It kicks off with a fade in nicely. The drums are hitting hard from the start. Vocals kick off well-timed. The guitar buildup clearly has Melo Death vibes, but it is still in the style and sound of the band themselves. This is another pit opener and head banger song. If these guys tour England, you will find me in that pit! The technical brilliance is shown, but it is subtle, they don’t throw in pointless solo’s for the sake of it. They just create an amazing sound

Frozen Vains” prover that the songs can start slowly to tempt you in, then give you a beautiful melody to pull you in altogether. It doesn’t stay slow for long, it regains almost full speed. It is a slower song, but it shows a deeper control from the band and that they are not a one trick pony. IS there anything these guys can’t do? I’m beginning to think not. They even enter the final third with a brief slow down and then it kicks off once more. Adding depth to the song beautifully.

This album should be the sound that rockets MONOSCREAM up the popularity ladder for Swedish Metal bands. Watch out coz these dudes are taking no prisoners. They sound as crisp and clear throughout. They are a band going places. I hope some of those places are in England. If they are I will be there and I urge all my English Brothers and sisters to give them your time. I also advise my Metal loving brethren t give them the 45 minutes that Aeon goes on for. It will not be time wasted.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Enter Chaos (Instrumental Intro)
2. Warzone
3. We Are Legion
4. Cerberus Rise
5. For All Those Lost
6. Passing (Instrumental)
7. Frozen Vains
8. Discarded
9. Descend into Suicide
10. Draw the Line in Hell
11. Driven by Hate
12. Aftermath (Instrumental Outro)
Niko Xexila - Lead Vocals
Anders Hansson - Guitar
Kim Wiklund - Guitar
Micke Jonsson - Bass
Fredrik Sundberg - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 03 October 2022

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