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Monox – Perception Changes

Perception Changes
by Aaron Eerdekens at 17 May 2015, 3:58 PM

Even though the band was formed in 2002, Rijeka, Croatia based Death Metal Quintet MONOX have waited until 2015 to independently release their full-length debut album. But, especially for followers of the band, I think it might have been worth the wait. The end product is not half bad at all. The band displays some good old Death Metal vocals, but the musicians play with clear Melodic Metal and Groovy influences and elements as well. It’s a cool combination that really works for them.

I can’t exactly say anything concerning the lyrics, because, as in good old Death Metal fashion, I can’t for the life of me understand what vocalist Tonko Vukonic’s singing about. Dorian Pavlovic and Vedran Klaj’s guitars sound great though, they’re heavy and protruding but very melodic as well, and from time to time Teodor Klaj’s drums go off uncontrollably and hit you like bullets flying from a machine gun. Together with Victor Sinkcic bass playing he forms the strong spine of the band.

They don’t hold back, by the way. Right from the start you’re sucked into their penetrative dark world, and you won’t get out until the album’s finished. They get started with “Babylon Tower”, which mostly accentuates the Death part from the genre they play. From the second song on, which is called “Shimmering Lights”, more and more Melodic and Groove elements come into their sound, even though they don’t mellow down at all in the process.
In “Cascading Visions”, “Perfect Sky” and “Duress” they maintain their piercing sound. They don’t bore you for a second through the rest of the album either. With their catchy melodies and cool riffs, they manage to keep the listening experience interesting during “Sinking Upwards”, “Have I Conspired Again Against I” and “Life’s Worth”, all through until their final song, “Graced By Error”.

Death Metalists of the world, gather ‘round and check ‘em out.

3 Star Rating

1. Babylon Tower
2. Shimmering Lights
3. Cascading Visions
4. Perfect Sky
5. Duress
6. Sinking Upwards
7. Have I Conspired Again Against I
8. Life’s Worth
9. Graced By Error
Teodor Klaj – Drums
Dorian Pavlovic – Guitars
Vedran Klaj – Guitars
Victor Sinkcic – Bass
Tonko Vukonic – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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