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Monster - Blood Soaked Restart

Blood Soaked Restart
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 17 January 2018, 8:24 AM

The Saxons bring us their second full length album, after 2014’s “The Arrival”. Patrick Feist has been replaced on bass by Carsten Schorn. Klaas Olthoff left THE DAMNATION to join up after “The Arrival”. “The Clash” has a start that will open up many pits. A well-balanced rift continues into Alex blurting out in fine form. The breakdown allows a build up to progress through the song well. Heads will bang. The vocal outbursts are short but MONSTER seem to be pulling it off well. No unnecessary aspects have been added to this song. They are holding their own. The tempo is constant and steady, with Alex keeping the beat accurately. Their form is clear to see with the mini solo’s throughout. A Modern Death Metal sound is met with an almost Doom-style tempo of vocals. It’s a good mix.

“The Blizzard” has a 62 second nearly Melodic Death Metal build up, more common in the likes of AMON AMARTH. The vocals are not as fast paced as the melody is, but strangely, with the two sets in volume, it works. It allows you still appreciate the powerful guitar work in full, but with the steady and true vocals holding the beat together, a few small holding shrieks are used in good timing. There is a Technical feel to the song, but not so much pure Death Metal, but Melody Death Metal. It is the song of the album. Heads will bang and fists will pump. Or was that just me?

“Death Oddity” begins with a Sludge style intro ripping out. The tempo is low, with Doom influences ongoing. The vocals however, are faster and raw, more Death Metal with pace and equilibrium. This one is being led by Alex. His raw power is more prominent here, he hits this harder and more passionate, he emphasizes his words more here. The slow, moody angst on guitar shows that they have a variety complex throughout the album. This song is CROWBAR (Guitar) meets BLOODBATH (Vocal).

“Blood-Soaked Restart” has an eerie, steady build up that we are more used to hearing in Technical Thrash bands. Whereas they usually hit pace and go from there, this does not. It is a steady continuation as Alex introduces his sound with a few key and clear outbursts. The pace on guitar remains the same for just under two minutes, until they take the safety off and show us what they can so with an assortment of Thrash Guitar, Drum pounding strikes and Alex hitting the mic harder, faster and fully. Less outbursts and more power. This is a great way to start an album.

“Undead Skin Camouflage” carries on where MONSTER have started us on this journey. It’s gone into the next gear. Sod slow and steady. This is pedal to the metal tunes. Thrash is crucial here in guitar, it holds the melody together with a few dirty solos that Groove bands and fans love.  Alex meets them with his raw Death Metal Power, the screams are brutal. This song is typical thrash; it feels like it’s done too soon. It leaves us wanting more. Death Metal Brutality meets Thrash Metal Refinement.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Blood-Soaked Restart
2. These Eyes Have Seen the Dead
3. The Clash
4. Undead Skin Camouflage
5. The Blizzard
6. Death Oddity
7. The Enemy Inside
8. The Clash (German Version)
9. Chemistry of Death
10. The Death of Whomsoever
Klaus Kessemeier – Guitar
Alex Oberdiek – Vocals
Klaas Olthoff - Guitar
Jörg Röttger – Drums
Carsten Schorn - Bass
Record Label: Kernkraftritter Records


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