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Monster Magnet - Cobras And Fire Award winner

Monster Magnet
Cobras And Fire
by Chelsea Jennings at 21 October 2015, 6:00 PM

MONSTER MAGNET are a Rock Band from Red Bank, New Jersey. The five-piece band have released their latest album "Cobra And Fire" through Napalm Records.

MONSTER MAGNET have an edgy sound That begins with the first track "She Digs A Hole", and goes throughout the entire record! The album opens up with "She Digs A Hole", and it talks about his porno-wife named Clover and how she pleases him to start and end his day, every single day. Even in hell her tits could please him. She could help him feel better, and that will never change. It's kind of a comical song, but it is catchy and has a great dance-beat to it as well. It sounds something like a "party-song" to start off the track.

"Watch Me Fade" is a track we can all relate to about feeling like we are in some cloud of imagination as our lives are not what they used to be. We all feel like we are fading away at some point in life, and like things will never go back to the good golden years we used to live in. It feels like we are going insane. Things will never be the same again, no matter what we do.

"Mastermind" comes about questioning how someone could love a sorry ass like himself. This is a girl that has a great future ahead of her, and he wants to be part of it even if she has no interest in him herself. He wants her to know how she feels about her, and that he wants to be part of her life. He wants to be her mastermind, and the one that her life is centered around.

"Hallucination Bomb" is more of a quiet, melodic ballad quiet slower drumbeats and a lot more quiet drumbeats. This track talks about an adventure that someone wants to take in their love life, but that they cannot take it slow no matter what they do. They are then informed that love is a cave of sorrows, and they are likely to be practically "hallucinating" even if they are not on drugs because love can blind people. Sometimes love is so intense we see all the good in someone, but not the faults that may cause serious problems in our future. If we do not take time to get to know that person, we risk relationships ending poorly in the future. We must take falling for someone slowly as possible to ensure that this is someone we want to spend our lives with not only now, but into the future as well. Otherwise, we will regret our past and make huge mistakes when the bomb of not loving that person blows up in our face.

"Gods And Punks" is the title track, and it seems to follow in the tracks of another ballad as it talks about someone on drugs standing out in the rain with their minds blanking. Their girlfriends are telling them the world is dead and none of it makes sense in their heads. He is someone who needs help to reorganize himself to make sense of life. He wants to take his recovery from the punks and gods and go rule the world. One day he will be OK again and he will get what he wants in his life.

"The Titans" is a slow, yet eerie-sounding track without any lyrics included in it.

"When The Planes Fall From The Sky" begins with heavy drumbeats pulsing through the system before breaking into a bit of a twangy tune about the world coming down but how it won't matter to us. We won't react because we will not be the ones to die. We will continue to dance in the fire with our friends till the end.

"Ball Of Confusion" is probably the most powerful track on the album talking about how bigoted people can be and how disgusting the world is. People are stupid enough to believe that the colors of someone's skin or their nationality or socioeconomic status really makes that person who they are. We are in this delusion of life that leaves us believing this. It ruins a lot of what other things could really happen if we didn't judge people based on things that have nothing to do with their worth as a human being.

"Time Machine" and "I Live Behind The Paradise Machine Joe Barresi Magnet Mash" leave us with the final thoughts on the band creating this album, and the inspiration they have behind their edgy, almost-bouncy album "Cobras And Fire" which largely deals with the sticky topics of life from feeling worthless to drugs to breakups to accepting other people for who they are and back. Getting through life's problems is about as much fun as encountering cobras or fire, but in the end we come out on the other side better people for it. We realize who we are and what we can accomplish through rock music or other means of letting lose. It makes us better people. It's a great message to send.

4 Star Rating

1. She Digs That Hole
2. Watch Me Fade
3/ Mastermind
4. Hallucination Bomb
5. Gods And Punks
6. The Titan
7. When The Planes Fall From The Sky
8. Ball Of Confusion
9. Time Machine
10. I Live Behind The Paradise Machine Evil Joe Barresi Magnet Mash
Dave Wyndorf - Vocals
Ed Mundell - Guitars
Phil Calvano - Guitars
Jim Balino - Bass
Bob Pantella - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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