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Monster Magnet - 4-Way Diablo (CD)

Monster Magnet
4-Way Diablo
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 29 October 2007, 6:43 PM

The not so good memories of Dave Wyndorf's recent hospitalization have not yet faded from my mind. Three years ago we lost PANTERA's Dimebag Darrell because of a fucked up freak, and after Wyndorf's overdose, I thought that this scene would lose one more invaluable musician and person. Thank God (Satan or anything you want), MONSTER MAGNET's frontman is standing still and he and his gang are back with a brand new incredible album that shows that music is and will always be stronger than death! Respect!

The legendary MONSTER MAGNET have more than once been cited as the future of music and stuff like that. I don't want to fall into the trap of praising the band like they are the Gods of Metal, but they definitely are one of the fucking heaviest bands out there. Their career counts many releases, tours and successes that many bands are definitely jealous of. Now, three years after their last amazing Monolithic Baby album they release their brand new full-length work through the German Steamhammer/SPV Records. Are you ready to party?

MONSTER MAGNET have been put under many music tags like Stoner Rock, Space Rock or Acid Rock. When you listen to this band, the name that you will give them is the last thing that will trouble you. Their groovy assault is what will make your head explode! The US rockers are (again) paying tribute to their Garage/Psychedelic roots and deliver approximately 57 minutes of hot as hell groovy Rock & Roll! If the duration seems big, you will realize that it's not enough when you listen to the album.

As Dave Wyndorf returns to the driver's seat to lead MONSTER MAGNET to success for one more time, he intends to blow our speakers with a Stoner/Heavy Rock orgy! I read a statement, where he said that the band wanted to record an album that would sound so alive and would preserve the natural vitality of the numbers. As he also said, a lot of the songs in this album were one-takes, where they only had to touch up a few little mistakes.

4-Way Diablo picks many elements from MONSTER MAGNET's different eras like many psycho rock touches from albums like Dopes To Infinity. In my humble opinion, the US rockers have slightly reduced their heaviness in favour of groove and psychedelia in this album, something that is not a bad thing for sure. Not when you listen to their songs while having a stripper dancing in front of you, as they themselves would say…

4-Way Diablo is definitely a MONSTER MAGNET album. There are neither mediocrities nor any possibility that you will get bored while listening to its approximately 57 minutes of heavy, psycho and crazy Hard Rock. The only thing I can do is welcome Wyndorf back and wish the heavy rockers the best for the years to come. Stay heavy mates!

4 Star Rating

4 Way Diablo
Wall Of Fire
You're Alive
Blow Your Mind
2000 Lightyears From Home
No Vacation
I'm Calling You
Solid Gold
Freeze And Pixelate
A Thousand Stars
Slap In The Face
Little Bag Of Gloom
Dave Wyndorf - Vocals, Guitar
Ed Mundell - Guitar
Jim Baglino - Bass
Bob Pantella - Drums
Record Label: Steamhammer/SPV


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