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Monsterworks - Album Of Man

Album Of Man
by YngwieViking at 18 July 2013, 11:50 AM

Here we have a true unpolished piece of Metal, made by some true underground Metal musicians for Metalheads, it’s also a very honest delivery with no real stylistic boundaries and a barely seen freedom in switching from a sub-genre to another, so it’s a true Metallic assault but it’s also very far from the true Metal ideology. In fact, the MONSTERWORK’s passion for Metal is undeniable but the meaning of their musical vision is lost in their rich textual thesis.

After the publishing of the “God Album” in 2011, this bunch hailing from Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui in New Zealand is now following his philosophical thematic and try to taking the listener even deeper into an introspective journey through our tortured minds, the thought mazes and the riding into cerebral landscapes, an endless search for the meaning of life as an human being, a real concept album with a strong focus on the lyrical content more than the structural song format itself.

The second part of the saga titled “Album of Man” was recorded in the same recording session as its predecessor in April 2010, once again at Earth Terminal Studios with Lewis Childs as sound engineer.

The album is particularly heteroclite and musically quite courageous, notably playing two predominantly acoustic tracks “Known” and “Being Human” some 70s tainted stuff as the Space Rock cut closing the album “Air (We Have Come So Far)” alongside with some more straight typical Heaviness notably the track in “All Suns Die” who holds a great ICED EARTH's epic vibe.

The less interesting side it’s that the music quality seems to be way under the level of the high intellectual concept and even if the total  dedication of the band is undisputed, I really don’t know, if they will meet their audience. But one thing is for sure, this band deserves our deepest respect for such a work of love.

3 Star Rating

1. The Creation Dream
2. It's Alive (The Philosophical Baby)
3. Unconditional Lie
4. All Suns Die
5. Known
6. Harden to Art
7. Taste of Doom
8. Being Human
9. Free Will
10. Air (We Have Come So Far)
Hugo - Bass
James - Drums
Jon – Guitar / Lead  Vocals
Marcus – Lead Guitar
Record Label: Mortal Music Inc.


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