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Monsterworks - Universe

by Jessica Pearman at 29 July 2014, 8:57 PM

MONSTERWORKS, originally from New Zealand now a London based metal band, released their first 2014 released album “Universe”. “Universe” is a mixture of atmospheric meets Prog meets Classic Heavy Metal. A mixture that is far from normal and blasts through the barriers of genre. There are so many different elements in the album, at first listen; I was completely enthralled at the many components this album as to offer. Abstractly, this album is a venture into the beginning and the end; a welcome to a place that will soon fail you. Musically, it is a hodgepodge of great metal genres mixed into one creative endeavor.

The guitars explore metal from most metal aspects; the drums keep it classy with some definite Prog elements, along with the bass. The vocals are probably the most diverse part of the album. It has a classic metal sound in parts of the clean vocals; track one ‘Universe’ is reminiscent to ACDC vocalist Brian Johnson. Then there are the more progressive clean vocals as heard in track three ‘Voyager’ and the guttural vocals that are spread throughout the album complimenting both styles of clean vocals.
The album starts with its title track ‘Universe’, the beginning of time. The intro starts low and grows as it gains speed. This track has a very atmospheric tone, but interestingly enough gives way to immense prog elements and is thrown over the edge with the most ACDC sound I’ve heard since ACDC themselves, all mixing with the deep growls. This track is greatly creative and very different.

‘Voyager’, track three, is another piece that is heavy and solid in an atmospheric sound. Within the undertones you can hear a bit of a folk sound, not heavy. It makes for a beautiful pairing. There is nothing but softness for the voyager, which tells of the possibility of other life within the universe. It hints at the possibility of a knowing government with an unknowing society.

Track five, ‘Extropy’, is much more powerful with mostly a thrash sound and a plethora of classic metal weaved throughout. Being the shortest track on the album, it feels as if once it gets started it is done, but I feel like that is the point of story held within the album. We are beginning to see the end on this track.
“Universe” is a great album for most listeners. It brings many elements for many different types of metallers. If you like the stronger, guttural growls or if you prefer clean vocals; you get both. If you like a more laid back atmosphere, you have the options of classic and atmospheric sounds, or if you prefer, there is a bit of a heavier sound too, with MONSTERWORKS prog elements. All this on one album, makes it a little tricky to keep up with at times. There is a jolt of change in a few places that disrupt the overall flow.

This was a good release from a band that keeps complimenting their sound.


3 Star Rating

1. Universe
2. Grandiose
3. Voyager
4. The Bridge
5. Extropy
6. Heat Death
7. Outside Time
Jon – Guitar/Vocals
Hugo – Bass
James – Drums
Marcus – Lead Guitar
Record Label: Eat Lead and Die Music


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