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Montezuma’s Revenge - S.W.I.M

Montezuma’s Revenge
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 25 August 2021, 6:26 AM

After political/ideological bounds created by old dictatorial states were abolished, Rock and Metal became universal for all people to play and like. One genre that was specially bound to a country was Groove Metal and its subgenres, because some of its deeper features were linked to the USA. But today, the genre can be played by bands from other countries as well. And from Moscow comes the quartet MONTEZUMA’S REVENGE, who will ravage your ears with “S.W.I.M”, their latest release. They do a mix between Stoner Metal (that carries a strong influence of Groove Metal on it since its birth) with nasty touches from Sludge Metal (what improves the greasy dirtiness of their music). But the quartet evades doing things in an extremely dirty way that could turn things incomprehensible for the listeners. It’s abrasive and greasy, but in a way that’s filled with a charming energy. Listen to it, and enjoy.

Even with this specific genre doesn’t use a clean and defined sound quality, the quartet worked in a form that makes their musical work defined and understandable. It’s greasy and nasty, but using a defined way on the things. It could be better balanced, though, but’s good. The catchy groove used on the guitars of “Mine” is a very good strategy (along the good and nasty screams contrasting with clean voices), the strong and catchy melodies filled with groove of “New You” (the rhythmic contrasts created by bass guitar and drums are really very good), the introspective appeal of “Winter” (an unusual song, with clean vocals and chords contrasting with charming keyboards), and the mastodonic weighty approach heard on the harmonic lines of “Comfort of the Sick” are the best moments of the album. But the listener will not complain about the other songs.

They’re really pretty good, and it’s only a matter of adjusting the production on the next album to make things improve. But even for now “S.W.I.M.” is a very good choice for the fans of the genre, so mark the name of MONTEZUMA’S REVENGE!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Soyux-111 (Terrore Su Venere)
2. Mine
3. New You
4. Weekend Valhalla
5. Winter
6. COTS (Reprice)
7. Comfort of the Sick
8. Sleeping Beauty (Exhumed)
Andrey Kontuzov - Vocals
Ilya Boots - Guitars, Vocals
Anton Yalovchuk - Drums
Andrey Gankin - Bass
Record Label: DTH Records


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