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Monument Of Misanthropy - Anger Mismanagement Award winner

Monument Of Misanthropy
Anger Mismanagement
by Val Smirnoff at 22 November 2014, 3:19 AM

MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY, a massive brutal, Death/Grind metal band, brought to you by, Austria! Well, we all know that there are some countries in europe where getting things wrong is not even an option. And I couldn't expect less from Austrian band. They're performance and compositions are very precise and hard to disappoint. MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY a new band from Vienna, Austria, new by meaning, their facebook page since 2012, and already have over 20 thousand likes and it's very impressive for a band that active only 2 years, maybe they're active more before then but there's no source to confirm it .

And the likes doesn't seem to be fake because the band itself is very active, on Reverbnation they have a very high stats, lots of positive press and fans comments, on Facebook they have frequent updates and lots pictures of fans. And it's really hard to believe that such popular band exists only for 2 years, if it isn't not so, they should update their Facebook bio, either all, they should, because the Facebook page is not professionally organized. Enough about the band it self, as I opened my words, it's massive and brutal, such as NAPALM DEATH, BEHEMOTH, CANNIBAL CORPSE, VADER, but in their own way and for me, it's just beautiful. If you like the genre and the bands I mention before you should like MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY. Every song in this freaking sick album is just amazing.

"Vegan Homicide" Is a genius song and video, it's very brutal and real, talking about animal everyday sufferings through the food industry, it's very hard to watch, but we are all metal heads and we used to blood and gore. Personally, I am against vegan preaching through gory imaging and stories because it has unhealthy influence on casual folk, either it's just unbearable to watch, which makes some people to just ignore the issue. but in this case it fits and it's right to do. So it is, from my point of view a genius masterpiece.

My favorites is "Carnal Offering" and "Retarded Phrase Mongers", the 7th and the 8th tracks, are just addictive, massive and freaking heavy. "Carnal Offering" starts with a heavy and slower part as it turns to a mosh pit invitation with the vocal scream. "Retarded Phrase Mongers" starts with a sweet opening riff and continuous with a super massive heavy speedy song, in 2:00 it starts to slow down just to speed up again, genius part!

And the final, "Flag Of Hate", a cover to KREATOR, I think they overdo it, it's too heavy and have too many spare elements, as blasts in drums, the guitars are too messed up. Maybe if it was a MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY original song, it could be perfect, but we all know how "Flag Of Hate" should be. "Flag Of hate" was originally a very messed up song, so it was a mistake, for my opinion, to make it more heavy and to mess it even more. I couldn't recognize the track till it came to the chorus.

It's kinda late to review the intro in the end on an article, but I wanted to make my state by the songs I liked the most and those I had to criticize more. The Intro is very eerie, creepy and disturbing, starts with perfect musical box melody that gets colder with every moment just like a horror movie part and it gets darker and darker, the music box turns more to piano melody, and suddenly, with one boom it goes to the heavy part and the "Foreboding Of Evil" comes in. Which later continues to the first song of the album "Entering The New State". For me this part is not in the place, I think they could integrate these two parts, in the 1st track together better than this. But still, the calm eerie melody of the music box is just amazing and perfect.

In bottom line, MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY is new and well accomplished band, in only two years they had released an amazing album "Anger Mismanagement" which took my heart and mind mind and blew it away. Although "Anger Mismanagement" has some moments I couldn't agree or accept, I still would recommend this album

4 Star Rating

1. Intro/foreboding of evil
2. Entering A New State
3. Malformation
4. Vegan Homicide
5. Monument Of Misanthropy
6. Bring Me The Head Of LGG
7. Carnal Offering
8. Retarded Phrase Mongers
9. Flag Of Hate (Kreator Cover Version)
George Misanthrope - Vocals
Jean Pierre Battesti - Guitars, Bass
Paul Rousseaux - Guitars
Romain Goulon - Drums
Record Label: Great Dane Records


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Edited 02 February 2023

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