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Moon - Pandimensional Gnosis

Pandimensional Gnosis
by Hutch at 23 December 2021, 2:48 AM

Harrowing, wailing, shimmering banks of tremolo riffing, cavernous soundscapes and almost indescribable passages of interlocking and shifting aural savagery, the latest release by Australian one-man mystical black metal unit MOON is challenging to say the least. Formed in Brisbane in 2007, there have been previous releases by the multi-instrumentalist, with 2015’s “Render of the Veils” the most recent full-length prior to “Pandimensional Gnosis”.

This is not instant music, no sir. You cannot listen to this whilst doing the washing up. The tracks are multi-layered, the sound dramatic and colossal, providing a devastating 57 minutes over seven songs. A quick maths calculation would confirm that there are some lengthy pieces to be digested. The opening blasts of “Shadows of the Endless Abyss” with its dramatic, swollen intensity soon envelope and cocoon you in shrouds of black mist. Eerie, echoing darkness and a feeling of shivering cold. It’s all part of the opening minutes which grasp and claw, ethereal fingers scraping down the spine. It’s traumatic and somewhat unnerving.

An opening track of over ten minutes is one thing, but “Shadows of the Endless Abyss” then segues into the 13 minute “Upon the Eye of the Void”. More cries of helplessness, more battering blast beats and a relentless surge of demonic, jagged guitar work. 25 minutes of what appears to be the same format and whilst the overall atmospheric vibe is captivating, it’s a bit repetitive.

Thankfully, there comes temporary respite in the shape of “Portal Through the Black Flame”, which is a short three-minute piece that refrains from the unyielding cranial battery in favour of a calmer if no less disturbing track. Respite quickly dissipates as “Hollow Transcendence” follows. Another epically lengthy piece, Miasmyr’s wretched vocals continue to provide disturbing resonance. Words are unintelligible, the music slower and crushingly heavy, utilising the full intensity that cascades like a blackened waterfall. There is no warmth here.

There are further tortuous meanderings through “Wormhole Wounds”, a sprawling piece that provides the soundtrack to purgatory. This is what would be on the jukebox as you are hung from the post, fires burning below. Endless reverberation merely accentuating the pain.  Meanwhile “Absorbing the Pandimensional Gnosis” hangs like mist, directionless, purposeless but still sinister and terrifying. This leads to the finale, with “Winds of Shattered Glass” providing the sonically charged explosion to finish.

It’s unlikely that MOON will ever become a household name in my lifetime. This isn’t music for the average metal fan, let alone anyone who merely likes a bit of hard rock. Whether it is truly masterful and all absorbing or merely formulaic is something that those with a genuine interest in the genre will consider. The layers of synths that add depth to the tracks may not be to the purist’s delight. At times is has the feel of a one-person arrangement. But that is certainly the approach that Miasmyr has chosen, regardless of feedback and previous reviews. I bet he doesn’t care either way. This is his art.

“Pandimensional Gnosis” is a record that is suited to darkened halls, flickering candles, and long flowing robes. Interaction can be excluded. As can light. At times it is more of a ritual. Should you wish to partake, then prepare for a long journey, passing through barren landscapes as you travel.

Song writing:  7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production:  7

3 Star Rating

1. Shadows of the Endless Abyss
2. Upon the Eye of the Void
3. Portal Through the Black Flame
4. Hollow Transcendence
5. Wormhole Wounds
6. Absorbing the Pandimensional Gnosis
7. Winds of Shattered Glass
Miasmyr – Guitars, Vocals
Aciretose – Drums (guest)
Record Label: Moribund Records


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