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Moon - The Nine Gates

The Nine Gates
by Emily Coulter at 09 December 2013, 3:47 PM

When you think of Australia you think of BBQ's, spiders, sunshine and kangaroos, definitely not Black Metal. Australian Black Metal group MOON started up in 2007 certainly proving that Australia does have a dark side. This album sounds like it could easily be a soundtrack to any gory horror film.

Opening track ''The Rejection Of Flesh'' is so eerie it could easily be mistaken for an opening track on a TYPE O NEGATIVE album. The song has depth, fear and something special added to it which cannot be described. A good opening track like this is enough to say that this will be a good black metal album. ''Inhale Darkness'' is the first track where we have input from all members of the band. Bernd's drumming is has a blunt and empty sound which makes him perfect for the Black Metal genre. You can hear Misamyr's strained but ghoulish vocals echoed in the background; though the guitars are heavily distorted in parts the song does have a great melody. MOON have proven that they can make great ambient Black Metal.

The third track ''Poison From The Abyss'' is a million miles away from how gentle the previous track was. The song begins with fast blast beats from Bernd, Dirge's bass playing is noticeable but sadly the song is very plain to say it has so much involvement with various members. The band goes back to the ambient sound but ''Sabbat'' has a very heavy Gothic feel to it. A little more exciting than the previous track, this song feels like it should be in an Adams Family film. But sadly this does not seem original at all; it feels repetitive and just lacking something which could make it better. ''Astral Blood'' opens up with a doom/gothic vibe to it, easily sounding like an intro to a GHOST B.C. performance. The riffs do have more of a Black Metal feel but the vocals are pretty much the same on every track but it's definitely an improvement to the previous songs.

''Lillim Drowning'' has a very simplistic and generic Black Metal opening but is still great. But by the time the 7.22 minute track is halfway through it seems you have been listening to the same song over and over. All it really seems is distorted guitars and haunting vocals. Finally there is a track which is a huge improvement to the rest, ''Spiritless Winds'' is the best track since ''Inhale Darkness'' because you finally here something different to the previous four tracks. It's very much like the first two opening songs but with a little refreshment. Closing track ''Gate Of The Moon'' is much better than the rest, it brings something new to the album. Ambient with a slight blackened grind core edge with haunting strained vocals. The drums are faster and the guitars are more distorted, the vocals ever more sounding like a sample from a horror film. MOON truly saved the best song till last.

MOON's album ''The Nine Gates'' is decent but not excellent, you don't expect much from the band but you do expect to be surprised in some way. The production quality is amazing but overall the album is very boring, around half the tracks sound the same. MOON can create good Black Metal but they really do need something to make them stand out among the rest. 

2 Star Rating

1. The Rejection Of Flesh
2. Inhale Darkness
3. Poison From The Abyss
4. Sabbat
5. Astral Blood
6. Lillu Drowning
7. Spiritless Winds
8. Gate Of The Moon
Misamyr – Vocals / Guitar
Dirge – Bass
Bernd – Drums
Pandora – Keyboards
Record Label: Moribund Cult Records


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