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Moon - Lucifer's Horns

Lucifer's Horns
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 22 September 2010, 6:09 PM

MOON is another of those bands that for some unknown reason struggle to stay alive even though some good music is released. This Polish act was born some years before their maiden release under the title of "Satan's Wept". That album was about the prime Black Metal sound through the Polish brutal perspective. But that two-piece lineup did not last long and consequently the second album was released with Cezar as the only member. As it usually happens in similar cases, MOON did not last long and entered a hiatus until the recent resurrection that took place along with the "Lucifer's Horns" album. In fact, this time MOON looks more like a regular band having a full scale lineup and a pretty solid sound.

Indeed, after the short intro hell is unleashed under the name of "Lucifer's Horns". The fast drumming and relentless bass guitar leave no room to breath and grabs the listener by the throat. Cezar sounds possessed by Cronos' unholy vocal ritual and literally spits out the lyrics lines. I don't know why but Polish Metal bands sound more brutal than the rest; maybe it has something to do with their mentality but in the end who cares when the music is that solid. Fortunately, this type of Black Metal does not follow the typical 'old-school' recipe; there are good leads to which someone could add the 'progressive' term outside this album. Black Metal fans should not be disgusted by this term since it has nothing to do with the ultra-boring scale changing and complicated guitar phrases played in ridiculous speed. No, this is pure blasphemous music with a ton heavy atmosphere. Just like the killer "Night Of The Serpent", where many will find several brutal VADER elements. It would be a sacrilege not to mention "Zwiastowanie Ognia", where the Polish language adds something more to the already unholy attitude of this song. Of course, double pedaling has the lion's share here and if you listen closely you will discover some minimal keyboards orchestration just before the insane MEKONG DELTA-esque guitar leads.

There is no point to write anything more here; MOON sounds totally original and - if you don't mind my saying - 100% traditional. So, there you have some pure Death/Black Metal that will be a perfect soundtrack for the upcoming autumn!

PS: The album also comes out in vinyl…

4 Star Rating

  1. Summoning Of Natan
  2. Lucifer's Horns
  3. Torches Begin To Burn
  4. Confined In Heaven
  5. Zwiastowanie Ognia
  6. The Book Of Fire
  7. Night Of The Serpent
  8. The Semen Of Ye Old One
  9. Czarny Horyzont
  10. Summoning of Demons
  11. Daemons Heart
Cezar - Guitar, Vocals
Gonthy - Lead Guitar
Mscislaw - Bass, Vocals
Vizun - Drums
Record Label: Witching Hour Productions


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