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Moonbow - Volto Del Demone

Volto Del Demone
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 03 November 2015, 12:06 PM

Again, I have to make the same question: does the past hold any secrets that aren't already discovered?

In the past, lies what is already done. And to create something under that seems too weird. I truly respect the bands and musicians that are trapped into the old times, but sometimes, it's something boring to me. And some bands are good in these ways, indeed, but just good, as many others are. And this is the case from Kentucky based band, MOONBOW, with their new work, the album "Volto Del Demone".

Again, the same good and old Heavy Rock from North American bands from the 70s, done with good melodies and full of Country and Blues influences. Ok, I understand that they want to play this form of music and respect their choice, but to be honest, there are so many bands doing that, and in the same way, that I must be honest: they are as good as the greater part of the groups in the same way. Nothing bad at all, but again the same old stuff we heard many times.

They have a very good and clean sound quality, what is a bit different from many other bands that follows this same way. No, they are trying to find a sound quality that would fit to a 60’s or 70’s band, but take advantage of modern technology to record with a clean and good way.

I'd like to name "Take Me Home" (that sounds like an old and good Rock and Roll with deeper Rhythm 'n' Blues musical roots, with fine and tender vocals), the almost Folk/Country song, "Volto Del Demone", and "One Way to Die". These songs are good, but nothing more than that. And if you're looking for something more full of distortion and energy, I must tell you to look for another band, just that.

They are good, but I believe that they can do better that we heard here.

3 Star Rating

1. Devils Floor
2. Take Me Home
3. Volto Del Demone
4. The Wait
5. Memories Ahead
6. Mission 35
7. One Way to Die
8. Face of the Demon
Matt Bischoff - Vocals
David McElfresh - Guitar, Strings, Vocals
Ryan McAllister - Bass
Steve Earle - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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