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Moonland - Moonland Award winner

by MarcusTheRocker at 01 October 2014, 2:14 PM

Often if there’s one thing that record labels will do is put together some musicians to write music and form supergroups or new projects for that label. One label that does this quite often is Frontiers Records and every time we get great music but then that’s no real surprise as Frontiers are a great label who sign some great musicians and great bands. One of the successful supergroups/projects Frontiers has helped to create is W.E.T. and now here in 2014 we have a new one called MOONLAND.

The project features Lenna Kuurmaa who is the singer for the Estonian Pop Rock band VANILLA NINJA who are currently on hiatus. Also on this project is one of the biggest names in the Melodic Rock genre. That name is Alessandro Del Vecchio who has worked with bands such as HARDLINE, EDEN’S CURSE and LIONVILLE to name a few as well as a whole host of other artists for Frontiers Records and other labels. When you have someone like that helping out with the music, you know you’re going to get gold. Also featured is Anna Portalupi (HARDLINE, LIONVILLE), Bruce Gaitsch (LIONVILLE), Alessandro Polifrone and Francesco Marras who help to complete the recipe for this project.

When you listen to a release from Frontiers Records, you know you’re getting something amazing and this year I have reviewed two Frontiers releases and I loved both of them and I am glad to say that the love streak continues as I love this release too. I’ve not listened to that many female fronted rock projects but the ones I have heard are very good and I am now going to add another one to that list in the form of MOONLAND.

One thing about a Melodic Rock album that always amazes you is the amount of passion that goes into the music. I don’t know what it is about the genre that makes it so amazing and you know what? I don’t really care as whatever the reasons may be, you will always get something amazing every time.

So what do we have here? Put it simply, this is nothing short of perfection. When I recently reviewed the new WORK OF ART album, I honestly did think that nothing could come along and beat it, until I heard this. It’s so good in fact, it may have just scored a joint first place album of the year award.

So what makes this so good? One of the reasons why is the songwriting which is key for any good album and when you have a genius like Alessandro Del Vecchio at the helm, you will always get gold and that is exactly what you get here. The harmonies and the melodic melodies sound exactly like a Melodic Rock album should and the vocal performance from Lenna Kuurmaa is nothing short of amazing.

You know, this may be a Melodic Rock album but here and there I can pick up little pieces of Hard Rock as there are sections in some songs which sound very heavy such as the solo section in “Out of Reach” and of course it wouldn’t be a Melodic Rock album without a ballad or two and we get that in the form of the beautiful “Live and Let Go”. Standout tracks? It’s hard to say really as all the songs are standout songs and with an album like this, you fall in love with every one the first time you hear them.

So what is my overall view of this release from one of the world’s best record labels? As stated in this review, there is a lot to love about this album and really nothing to hate or nitpick about and that’s always a good thing. From the first song “Heaven Is To Be Close To You” to the closing number of “Another Day In Paradise” along with many amazing songs in between such as “Poison Angel” and “Cold As Ice”, “Moonland” is a prime example of what you get when you combine some of the best musicians in the business to make an album that will amaze you even after the first listens and will always make you want to listen again and again and never ever get tired of.

5 Star Rating

1. Heaven Is To Be Close To You
2. Open Your Heart
3. Crime Of Love
4. Poison Angel
5. When Love Is Gone
6. Out Of Reach
7. Live And Let Go
8. Cold As Ice
9. Over Me
10. Heart Made Of Steel
11. Look At Us Now
12. Another Day In Paradise
Lenna Kuurmaa - lead vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
Francesco Marras - guitars
Bruce Gaitsch - nylon guitar
Anna Portalupi - bass
Alessandro Polifrone - drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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