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Moonscape – The Continuum Synergy

The Continuum Synergy
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 14 December 2022, 3:27 AM

From their EPK, “The album is yet another conceptual one, telling a story that begins in the year 2108. The Earth is dying, and all human life is expected to have perished within the year 2130. After discovering a constellation of seven seemingly habitable planets in the year 2103, and already preparing a possible partial evacuation of Earth, the space exploration agency Global Control launched the supersonic probe GALILEO ALPHA RM-1, three years later, its mission is to collect and transmit data about each of the seven planets, and to determine if they have adequate conditions for possible human colonization. Their only hope for survival is the RM-1 transmitting data about the seven planets being habitable, but the mission seems to have failed when Global Control lose contact with the probe in 2115.

Back on Earth, in Global Control’s headquarters, sits the theoretical physicist Edward Nolan. Formerly a Professor in Science and Psychology at the New Earth Institute of Science and Physics, but he was dismissed from his position due to his radical thinking and somewhat dangerous theories. An avid Nostradamus aficionado, he is convinced that Nostradamus not only could see the future, but also managed to travel time, albeit merely on a conscious and spiritual level. After having found a document with a formula supposedly penned by Nostradamus himself during his alchemy studies, Edward believes it is the formula to a chemical stimulant that could enhance the brain’s abilities upon exposure, and that Nostradamus might have been influenced by the compound whilst having his visions. Edward wanted to reproduce the compound in the institute’s pharmaceutical laboratory, but his request was instantly denied, and his employment was discontinued.

In 2115, when Global Control lose their connection with the RM-1, Edward is allowed to resume his work in the institute’s facilities, which was abandoned after the world learning about its inevitable demise in 2108. If his theories are correct, he should be able to leave a message somewhere in the past, and warn them about the Earth’s demise, or…? The album has seven songs, and a host of guest performers. “Galileo’s Quest” is the first; a short mood-setter. “Rude Awakening” is the first proper song. The opening instrumental parts are pretty rich and energetic, and there is a hasty feeling from some Power Metal elements.  Keyboards are smartly used in conjunction with the riffs, although the lead vocals are just a bit pitchy. But the backing vocals are well done. The music flows pretty well throughout this lengthy song. “A Rendezvous in Time” is a shorter offering. Tense tones open the song, followed by a heavy, chugging, and nasty riff. The trade off in the vocals is solid, and this more concise song follows a more straightforward pattern. Again, good keyboard placement in the song, along with some ripping lead guitar work.

“Elegy of Lost Souls” is a slow and sad jaunt, as the title suggests. I feel like this was the point in the story where they lost contact with the probe, and all seemed helpless from there. Solemn piano notes echo the sentiment. Again, the lead guitar work is absolutely incredible, He destroys the fretboard in a flashy display of dexterity. The vocal harmonies are also quite charming. “If Heaven Knows My Name” has a slower and heavier grind. The transition to bright melodies before the chorus is nicely done. There are still lamenting tones, but also hopeful ones. “A Visionary’s Fate” smartly combines slower passages with more ominous and hasty parts as well. It tells the near final tale of the Nostradamus subject as he looks for a unique way to save the earth. There are sad moments, and moments of a fleeting hope.

“Beyond the Periphery” closes the tale. What will happen? Tense tones open the song, as literally everything is on the line. It moves forward with these tense tones until the half-way mark, when everything seems lost, but returns triumphantly. Was the world saved? This was an ambitious effort that did meet the mark, but there is always room for improvement. What I liked best about the album is the development of the story and the melodies. Harvard is obvious quite adept at playing multiple instruments, and his guitar work is excellent. The vocals are a bit pitchy every now and again, but please remember, this is an Independent release, so they artists have to work harder to get their music published.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Galileo's Quest
2. Rude Awakening
3. A Rendezvous in Time?
4. Elegy of Lost Souls
5. If Heaven Knows my Name
6. A Visionary's Fate
7. Beyond the Periphery
Harvard Lunde – Programming, Bass, Lead, Harmony and Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion and Backing Vocals.
Record Label: Independent


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