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Moonspell - Darkness and Hope (CD)

Darkness and Hope
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 22 October 2001, 2:54 AM

The Metal Goths are back with their latest album, Darkness and Hope, to drift you deeper into the darkness of your entity.

If I were to categorize Moonspell acording to their fans, I'd place them in the variety of fans category, I suppose.
That's mainly cause there were a lot of fans who preffered Moonspell the way they played in Wolfheart (their most angry aproach). After that we had Irreligious which was a quite darker (gothic) approach…then Moonspell started having wider orientations in music and they added samples and generally computerized stuff. A lot of their fans love 'em because of The Butterfly Effect (1999) which has nothing to do with what Moonspell used to play back in 1995. They've also got fans who listen to all of their albums equally…

…And then Moonspell decide to bind all of their sounds together and bring all the fans even closer, with Darkness and Hope! This is an album standing somewhere in the middle of everything that has to do with Moonspell. Firewalking will take you back to where the cold hearted beast once roamed through the rocky mountains of Transylvania growling with anger…(wow…did I write that? haha). On the other hand, you've got Devilred for example which is the typical Gothic song which will surely become a must play at Gothic Night-Clubs etc. Ghostsong has a softer aproach, whilst Os Senhores da Guerra is in Portugueese (I wonder why hehe).
I can't tell you about the two bonus tracks cause they weren't included in the promo CD (obviously Mr. Crowley is a cover song)so…

Fernando Ribeiro and his mates are back with something that everyone will like to hear. It's just a matter of taste my dear friends and right now…Moonspell have cooked something delicious (but a bit dark and cold…)!

P.S. Firewalking, Nocturna and Devilred are by my humble opinion the highlights of Darkness and Hope!

4 Star Rating

Darkness and Hope
Heartshaped Abyss
Made of Storm
How We Became Fire
Than the Serpents in my Hands
Os Senhores da Guerra (included in the special box edition)
Mr. Crowley (included in the special box edition)
Sergio Crestana - Bass
Fernando Ribeiro - Vocals
Mike Gaspar - Drums
Pedro Paixao - Synths&Samplers
Ricardo Amorim - Guitars
Record Label: Century Media


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