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Moorah – Marnost Nad Mornost

Marnost Nad Mornost
by Andrew Graham at 19 January 2022, 11:47 AM

Czech newcomers MOORAH set loose their debut album onto the world, attempting to blend styles in a mix that is certainly unique. Formed in 2019 as a one-man project by Count Hroozah, he has since taken on additional members to take on instrumental duties. On their Facebook page they describe themselves as “Post-black metal”, though for reasons that I will discuss this is problematic to say the least.

“Radiant” opens the album, with soft keyboards easing us in before a more classic Black metal sound kicks in. So far there’s very little of this “post-” element of Post-black metal that has been self-proclaimed. “Vyvrátíme Modly” seems much the same, a largely conventional Black metal track with little that would characterise it as “post-”. Quick disclaimer here, am I taking the genre thing too seriously? Probably. But there is method to my madness. Out of nowhere we get sections of clean female vocals that simply clash badly with the mood and tone being set (whatever it is!) This track also highlights another issue, which is that some of the songs are simply too long. I’m not averse to long songs, but they must go somewhere; take you on a journey as it were. These songs, for the most part, simply don’t go anywhere and descend, for the most part, into repetitiveness.

“Sigillum Septima” starts out promising, but towards the end includes a bizarre guitar… not sure it can be called a solo, rather two parallel tracks of disharmony that don’t entirely make sense. “Okem Bouře” opens with a nice acoustic guitar section (perhaps we’re finally seeing that “post-” element that was promised!) Indeed, the piece does have some promise, I’d call it out as the best track on the album. The quieter sections interspersed with the heavier ones provide a nice bit of variety, this is what I mean by long songs going somewhere!

“Vstávej” is very similar in structure, and even in musical themes, to the previous track. A first listener would be forgiven to confusing the two. “Marnöst” opens with quite a tasty bass intro, which is lessened somewhat by slightly confused pacing. “Nic Není” opens in an almost Grunge-like fashion, slow tempo characterising much of the track. “Slunovrat” feels a little out of place, something about the tempo and guitar playing that doesn’t quite fit the rest of the album. The chunky guitar riffs give way to abrupt silence filled with acoustic guitar that proceeds until it fades away. Overall, this track sounds a little hacked on.

I guess the gist of my complaint is that the album is attempting to do Post-black metal (at least that’s what they claim to be doing) whilst keeping a foot firmly planted in their straightforward Black metal roots. The result is that they try to do both and fail to do either. It's certainly an interesting record, and it will be curious to see what happens now that Count Hroozah has a full line-up behind him. For the time-being though I would plant this firmly in the ‘wait and see’ category.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 6
Production: 6


2 Star Rating

1. Radiant
2. Vyvrátíme Modly
3. Sigillum Septima
4. Okem Bouře
5. Vstávej
6. Marnöst
7. Nic Není
8. Slunovrat 
Count Hroozah – Vocals, guitar
Des Troyan – Guitars
Severan– Bass
Ferenc Fečo – Drums 
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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