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Morbid Death - Oxygen

Morbid Death
by Laura Glover at 17 February 2020, 2:44 PM

Portuguese Progressive Melodic Thrash Death Metalers, MORBID DEATH, release their fifth album, "Oxygen", on February 28, 2020. Founded in September of 1990, this is not this bands first rodeo. Boasting some heavy hitting power chords by Luis H. Bettencourt on guitar, epic blast beats on drum by Rafael Bullhoes, and lastly but not least we have progressive / thrash type vocals and bass guitar by Ricardo Santos. This Portuguese trio knows how to melt your face off for sure. Very much the thrash / progressive band, there is melodic undertones all throughout "Oxygen"; with a very old school type vibe as well. "Oxygen" picks you up promptly from its first, in–your-face chords, to its last dying, melodic tunes, and does not release you until its end. Swept away, as if by a large wave in the surf of the sea of frothy, metal foam.

"Away" - Synthesis to hard metal guitar, a twisted feeling. Like fantastical carnival notes leading us to face melting riffs. Unapologetic and harsh. The beat of this song definitely sticks to its melodic magic. However, Ricardo Santos' deep vocals carry a swift current, an undertow to the depths of purgatory. "Deep Down" - A song whose tinny entry sets the stage for the heavy musical notes that drop to follow. Nothing about this song is soft, or sweet. Though that vocal prowess definitely takes on a 90's thrash feel in this song. Bettencourt's guitar mastery shines bright throughout. "Cry Me Out" - First and foremost, the song title brings to mind that rage one feels in the utter depths of despair. Aptly, the first line of the lyrics says "I feel no anger, I feel no hate." And the child-like sing-songy voice this song opens with gives it some major horror type vibes.

"Dark Love" - The intro guitar to this song makes my heart ache, absolutely epic solo to intro with! I feel the title to this song correctly describes my love of metal guitar notes. "I know you have the power to control me" this song sings. Dark love indeed, masochistic love that controls. Maybe the author of this song likes to be controlled in this sense. "Jordstranger" - Spoken Portuguese intro, a story I know not of its meaning, though I feel its nature. With lovely melodic tunes that entice you to into a metal drunk stupor. This trio plays well together and this song definitely showcases that. "Carved Upon a Stone" - Whispery sighs entice us on a journey into the bowels of the asylum of darkness. Meanwhile, there is both clean vocals and heavy, growling ones in this song. Each part of this song leading you down its halls of despair, carefully crafted; a tour of the destruction of one's broken soul.

Having been around since 1990, MORBID DEATH certainly seems to know a thing or two about the craft that is metal. These three are not newbies and their passion through music is evident in every carefully crafted note. If retro progressive / thrash metal is your thing, give these three a listen. MORBID DEATH stuck with their roots in 90’s metal for sure. There is truly something special about Portuguese metal, being near a place that the style "melodic" came from. Though melodic metal hails its origination from Gothenburg, Sweden; Portugal is also paramount to the music we have today due to how close in proximity. Basically, this corner of the world truly has magic dust in the way of music. Magic that I bow to in its lush, melodic glory.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Away
2. Deep Down
3. To Escape
4. Cry Me Out
5. Grown Stronger
6. Oxygen
7. Dark Love
8. Jordstranger
9. Carved Upon a Stone
10. Parasite with Ties
11. Dead Inside
12. The Perfect Lie
Ricardo Santos - Vocals, Bass
Luis H. Bettencourt - Guitars
Rafael Bullhoes - Drums
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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