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Morbid Flesh - Embedded In The Ossuary Award winner

Morbid Flesh
Embedded In The Ossuary
by Jessica Pearman at 28 August 2014, 5:28 PM

MORBID FLESH was formed in 2007 by the ashes of UNDERTAKER. These Death Metallers hail from Spain and have had a good fan base formed from the touring of their first demo release of “Dying Lapidation” in 2009 and their first full length album “Reborn In Death” in 2011. Now, MORBID FLESH is back with their third release “Embedded in the Ossuary”; an EP that was released earlier in 2014. This release comes after a small lineup change regarding guitars and drums. “Embedded in the Ossuary” is slated to leave an “indelible mark with its unique appeal and its highest quality of Death Metal music”.

The album has six tracks and is roughly 23 minutes in listening time. It starts our listening journey with “Entrance to the Ossuary”. Everything in this piece is great. Pick your poison and it is there with the expectation of vocals. The guitars stand out most to me on the track with a lovely reminder of the heavy metal riffs that was the creation of the many metal genres we listen to today. “Entrance to the Ossuary” seamlessly transcends into the second track “Charnel House”.  This track seems to live off the intro, leaving a heavy metal feel with the brutally low growl that has the trade mark indistinguishable lyrics, but work more as instrument. Everything just works so well and these guitars are phenomenal.

As “Embedded in the Ossuary” carries on I notice that this album isn’t just the typical Death Metal blast beats, low guitars and bass line. This album has elements from the beginning of metals inception in it. There is so much to hear through this music that it takes several runs through to catch some of the best elements in the EP. “Under the Ragged Hoods” and the final track of the album “Summoning the Sorcery of Death” are two tracks that are riddled with elements that transcend the boundaries of genre.

This EP is very good and artfully written. The production is glorious. Overall, this is damn near perfect. I can’t wait to hear where this EP leads. This is some beautiful metal.

4 Star Rating

1. Entrance to the Ossuary
2. Charnel House
3. Under the Ragged Hoods
4. Rising of Shadows
5. From Beyond the Bounds
6. Summoning the Sorcery of Death
Vali – Vocals
Jose – Guitars
Marc – Guitars
Makeda – Bass
Gusi – Drums
Record Label: Unholy Prophecies


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