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Morbid Flesh – Rites of the Mangled

Morbid Flesh
Rites of the Mangled
by Jose MaCall at 15 August 2017, 11:47 AM

Sometimes you’re hit with a prime example of something. It’s undeniable. The moment you see it, the moment you hear it, you know that this is the type of thing people are referencing when they mention it. There’s no other possibility of what it could be, and being a person in control of their senses with rational thought and critical thinking, you immediately recognize it. People know the truth when they encounter it, be it a scientific fact, the heaviness of MORBID FLESH’SRites Of The Mangled”, or the fact I saw a ghost two weeks ago.

When the cover of “Rites Of The Mangled” was selected, I imagine several disturbing artworks being presented. Every kind of gruesome disfigurement and grisly imagery displayed before several black-clad Heavy Metal musicians. And immediately one of those musicians goes “Let’s pick the one that’ll freak out that Jose guy when he writes the review.” I don’t really understand what’s happening on this album cover and I’m sure finding out would make me an accessory to a felony. Everything is slightly fuzzy, but hideous. Deformed beings with melting faces carry out some kind of obscene ritual in a dark cavern. It’s grotesque and what I assume is an awesome painting hanging in someone’s house (lucky). This kind of art had me hopeful for what would ensue; evil imagery like this usually accompanies insidious tunes.

A slight ominous sound clip leads into straight old school Death Metal pandemonium. It’s all the things we loved from the classics we remember. No seriously, it’s growling heavy vocals, skull crushing riffs, pounding drums and unbridled intensity. The guitar work goes from buzzing chainsaw madness that slices your ears off with catchy riffs to oozing leads that trail in and out of songs like that phantasmal image I saw of a translucent figure walking down the hall at my mom’s house fourteen days ago around midnight.

I was particularly a fan of the song “Incantation” that features an absolute banger of a hook. This is throat-shredding mayhem coupled with neck-destroying riffs that reminds me of stuff like BENEDICTION. It devastates the ears like an auditory nuclear bomb. It grabs your attention like mine was grabbed when the spectral horror emerged in the darkness near my little sister’s room. I tried to warn her but my voice felt choked up. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t scream. My mind was overwhelmed by sheer terror and my body was paralyzed by otherworldly forces. Suddenly that vaguely human-shaped luminescent miasma began floating towards me reaching out with what seemed like spectral tendrils. I felt my heart about to burst through my chest; it beat a rapid cacophony… like the killer bass drum on this album! The percussions throughout are a galloping war charge that just plows through the whole campaign unchallenged. “Evil Behind You” is the last track and is a Death Metal centerpiece coming in at over 7 minutes of sheer tear-your-eyebrows-off-and-mail-them-to-a-senator levels of insanity. The leads are terminal-level killer, they wail and howl like the horrific moaning I heard as that ghastly presence reached for me! I was stung with the most frigid chilling sensation as I dropped the phone I had been using to light my way to the bathroom. I felt my body seize with agony as the darkness encroached on my peripheral. I was devoid of any control over my own person as consciousness escaped me.

Other bands I was reminded of were INCANTATION (Not to be confused with the song), IMMOLATION, MORBID ANGEL, VOMITORY, DRAWN & QUARTERED, ANATOMIA; all the greats. This is in the same vein, however, it’s a sound of its own. It’s not a brand new weapons system, it’s a perfectly crafted sword meant to behead posers with. Sure there was a slight sense of déjà vu but what am I, a jaded old man? Or a tax paying, functional adult who was attacked by some kind of demonic force that knocked me out before I was able to get to the bathroom and that’s why I woke up with pee on my pants the next morning and not because I was drunk. So if anyone tells you otherwise, they’re lying, unless they’re telling you that “Rites Of The Mangled” is a badass album. In that case they are telling you the truth. This is bone-crunching pit music for lovers of the Grim Reaper’s Metal. Raise your horns, shake that brain around some, and blast this one loud on the way to work because it will be a long one behind the counter tonight!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Circle Cursed
2. Burn The Entrails
3. Banished To Oblivion
4. Heretics Hammer
5. Feeding Mallows
6. Incantation
7. Evil Behind You 
Makeda - Bass
Gusi - Drums, Vocals, and Guitars
Vali - Vocals
Mitchfinder General - Drums
Albert - Guitars
Record Label: Unholy Prophecies


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