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Morbid Slaughter - A Filthy Orgy Of Horror And Death

Morbid Slaughter
A Filthy Orgy Of Horror And Death
by Danny Sanderson at 28 September 2015, 10:19 AM

 Blackened Thrash has always gone well with gore and horror. From early proponents of the genre like HELLHAMMER producing tracks like "Ready For Slaughter" and "Maniac" through to modern day bands like EXXXEKUTIONER, Blackened Thrash clearly links the divide between Black Metals blasphemous side and the much more violence inspired Thrash and Speed metal scenes. Peru's MORBID SLAUGHTER are certainly no different, and since their formation in 2009, the band has produced some really dark, raw music. "A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death", their first full length album, is a record that is lyrically steeped in horror, death and all things morbid, with riffs that are almost as vicious as the subject matter.

Right from the start, it's clear just how good this band is. "Cannibal Butcher", with its vicious Punk-esque drums and dark vocals, is a great way to start this record. It gets the balance between the Black Metal and the Thrash in the sound just right, so that neither dominates the sound of this track. "Zombie Splatter Axe" is a more mid-paced affair, with some really cool riffs and vocals that really draw the listener in. It's a really solid track, and easily one of the best on the record. "Chainsaw Blade" is a fast Blackened Punk assault that sounds absolutely killer. The fast, bazz-saw riffs and the punishing drums work very well together, and the guitar solo that comes towards the end sounds just as amazing. "Fuck Off (We Murder)", originally by the near legendary GG ALLIN & THE MURDER JUNKIES, is the fourth offering on this record. Adding their own spin, they manage to do the original justice, capture the aggression and edge that its writer brought both to recorded output and to the stage perfectly. It's a fitting tribute to one of Punks most notorious and polarising figures. "Deaths Cold Blood" is another much slower effort from the band, but it nonetheless leaves its impact on the listener. The delivery of the vocals on this particular track is great, and fits so well with the music. We also get treated to some of the best guitar performances on the whole record on this song, and it's clear this has the potential to be a future favourite among fans. The records penultimate track, "Torture", sees the band at their fastest, and arguably their most ferocious. It's a song driven by speed and bitter, necrotized vocals, and it's a very easy track to love, purely because it's great on all fronts. "Slay With Steel", the song that closes this record, is a powerful track which makes one final attempt to pummel you with gnarly riffs, hideous vocals and vicious Punk inspired drumming, and it definitely achieves that goal with ease. It's a very good way to close a very good album.

Blackened Thrash is a genre that is very hard to do well, but MORBID SLAUGHTER have clearly made an art out of it. They manage to balance the various influences in their sound very well, so that no one element takes too much prominence at any point on this record. It's a record without frills, pretension or posturing; it's just great, catchy and memorable music from the first note to the last. If you love Blackened Thrash, this is a band, and indeed an album, that should be on your radar.

4 Star Rating

 1. Cannibal Butcher
2. Zombie Splatter Axe
3. Chainsaw Blade
4. Fuck Off (We Murder) (GG ALLIN & THE MURDER JUNKIES cover)
5. Deaths Cold Blood
6. Torture Without Anesthesia
7. Slay With Steel
Ripping Corpse- Bass
Necrophiliac Sodomizer- Guitars
Envenom- Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Boris Records/Inti Records


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