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Morbid Vomit - Return To The Crypts Award winner

Morbid Vomit
Return To The Crypts
by V.Srikar at 21 September 2015, 5:53 AM

Life is more often than not too tiresome, sad, and full of monotony and pisses you the hell out of you that nothing but a good Death Metal album can get you back to your senses. So as I have had some horrid time in the recent times, I chose to listen to some Death Metal to get the day going. So here I have Finnish old school Death Metal band MORBID VOMIT with their compilation album “Return To The Crypts” of their previous released material of the band’s demo and the EP, which is now being released this May 5th through Blast Head Records.

The album has shades of lot of the old gems of the genre, yet creating a unique road for itself. Clocking in at just over 30 min, the album puts you in a familiar territory if you are a seasoned Death Metal fan who loves the likes of Swedish Death Metal that is raw and groovy as fuck. The album starts with a heavy fast paced song in “Blood Shall Be Shed” and the first word that comes out screaming is ‘Lucifer’, sending chills down your spine, and rightly so assuring that your time is not going be wasted here. The groovy riffs make you headbang along as the nasty deep growling vocals of Ville Ryoti really bring a smile to your face. The drum blast beats mostly follow the guitar work and the session drummer Akitatör does an excellent job at plummeting the blast beats without sounding like mindless brutality at any point. “Embodiment Of Death” offers some juicy solos and insane backing vocals along with all the other aforementioned goodness. Through to the middle of the album with songs like “Another One To Die”, you realize that the sound is getting darker and more depressing, which actually makes this album all the more beautiful, and with each song each of the individual musicians seem to offer something new to the music. The rest of the album goes along the same lines, just blasting groovy Death Metal song after song with lyrical themes of death and blasphemy, taking the experience to a different level. “Fuck The Dead” has some dark doomy vibes while still keeping  the Death Metal style intact, and the title makes the experience all the more enjoyable! The record ends with a plummeting cover of GHOST B.C.’s song “Prime Möver” which leaves you wondering which of the 2 versions is the better one!

Other than the fact that this is not a full length album, “Return To The Crypts” is a record worth every second of the listener’s time, and I can’t help but hope that MORBID VOMIT is going to put out a full length sooner than later. I won’t make statements like this is one of the/THE best record of the year, but this is sure to make the seasoned Death Metal fans stand up and take notice.

5 Star Rating

1. Blood Shall Be Shed
2. From The Unknown
3. Embodiment Of Death
4. Another One To Die
5. Engulfed By The Plague
6. I Breathe Hell
7. Fuck The Dead
8. Torture Ritual
9. Prime Möver (Ghost B.C. Cover)
Ryöti - Vocals, Guitar
Löndgren - Guitar
Hönski - Bass
Akitatör - Session Drums
Record Label: Blast Head Records


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