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Morbitory - Into the Morbitory Award winner

Into the Morbitory
by Jack Webb at 26 April 2017, 7:20 AM

22 minutes and 8 seconds, that is the total running time on MORBITORY’s  debut EP. 22 minutes and 8 seconds is all it takes for a band to appear in the Death Metal underground, and create the sum of some 30 plus years of development. From the angular riffs and buzzsaw production that the 80s gave us, right through to the syncopated instrumentations and  production techniques of today. “Enter the Morbitory” is the showcase of a band revelling in its country's musical history whilst maintaining the notion that the past is in the past.

Opener “Into the Morbitory” is dripping in its sense of impending doom. Slow aggressive riffs bounce against booming drums, it all building to a hilt into the last quarter of the track as the double kick drums push forward in the mix and reach into your mind. Acting mainly as a starter before the main course of “Tales of the Dead” impassions you with vocals scorched straight from the chords of the devil himself. “Into the Morbitory” is a delectable platter of both and intro and instrumental track done right. As mentioned “Tales of the Dead” is an absolute stormer of a track. Melding harsh vocals against the screeches makes for an abstract piece of music work when compared to most other Death Metal. It is not only the vocal work that comes to life in this track, the groove of the bass really gives “Tales of the Dead” that added punch in the low end that makes it hurl itself at you.

“House of Monstrosity” and “White Mask” both take the same approach to Death Metal, blast beats against slow evolving riffs. A well trodden road yes, but when it is done with such flair and then some melodic and dissonant guitar work added in for good measure it becomes a stand out way to write modern Death Metal. “Screams of Horror” takes the token for moment of the album however, an absolute behemoth of a beatdown towards the end of the track. Drums and guitar kicking together as the original sense of impending doom once again reappears and wraps you in its decaying arms. Last track “Angelgrinder” rounds off “Into the Morbitory” with staccato guitars and a final note that digs deep into your skull. “Into the Morbitory” is Death Metal broken down and served beautifully. It demands your attention, and you’d be silly to let it slip past you.


4 Star Rating

1. Into the Morbitory
2. Tales of the Dead
3. House of Monstrosity
4. White Mask
5. Screams of Horror
6. Angelgrinder
Angelgrinder - Vocals
Michael - Guitar
Myers - Bass
Henning - Drums
Record Label: Bret Hard Records


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Edited 02 December 2022

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