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Morbus Grave - Lurking Into Absurdity

Morbus Grave
Lurking Into Absurdity
by Andrew Harvey at 09 October 2022, 7:15 AM

I must say that the world of metal does have its appealing combination of the best in album art and names of bands aside from band members' nicknames. This death metal quartet known as MORBUS GRAVE have been tracked to their origins in 2010 but the main protagonist has to be ERMAN, their front man on vocals. As it stands now we have guitarist and bassist MASO ALASTOR followed by his fellow guitarist EDY and battering those skins in the background is DANNY GUERRA. Both members; ERMAN and MASO ALASTOR are members of VOMITVULVA and both are also ex-members of SEPULCRAL. However EDY also features in the band called VOMITVULVA so its clear these guys are no stranger to each other.

Their musical expedition began after the various changes in the lineup in 2016 with; THRONES OF DISGUST as their first demo release, their second demo release was AWAKENING OF THE DEAD and thirdly was ABOMINATION also in 2019. In 2021 was a pre-album promo titled PROMO ‘21 but as of this year they have now released their debut full length album LURKING INTO ABSURDITY in the month September 2022. The new album and birth of the bands first full length release was released through Chaos Records. Opening with “Into(The Cause) Cerebral Cremation” as daring guitar and drum ringing on a cymbal builds up the crescendo. Shambolic and cracking vocals are in the mix  but guitar, bass and drums do lead the narrative as the experimental or psychedelic rock vibe cruising away.

Guitar carries the melody but it sounds very bluesy almost and lots of improvisation perhaps, slow tempo too. It does speed up as harsher drum patterns creep in and have so much clarity. Drums speeding up the entire band as we come to the second track. “Morbid Darkness” on a clear cut cymbal rhythm as the satanic vocals are on the course of death metal mania. Vocals do remain cold and sharp as death metal rhythms continue but the tempo is not as fast it does vary. The guitar is less audible but does poke its nose out. Electric guitar stirs up eventually as vocals slice through and are as ghastly as before. Bass guitar can be heard too as slow, mellow and grim tones seep through. Electric guitar takes the plunge with slightly faster patterns with drums replicating the guitar's impulse.

“Morbus Grave” goes all out with screeching vocals but drums do linger around as they play like experimental or psychedelic rock/metal bands would play. The tempo itself is adagio or slow to start with til the last minute or so where it ramps up the noise so to speak. This then leads into the track “Traumatic Malignancy” as it spits out wild guitar riffs and drum patterns much faster than before. Accent cymbals come into the fore as the guitar is running amuck to cause damage as vocals are sombre once more. Electric guitar has that somewhat distorted sound but not too heavy perhaps. “Mangled” has bells ringing with the spoken word of a narrator as piano creeps in the almighty clash of vocals, guitar, bass and drums united as one. Double kick patterns also feature as cymbal hits focus and guitar supports inevitably as drums steer the ship of crazy metal monstrosity.

Cymbal hits fire up again and more often than before as the next track is lined up with glam rock/metal guitar harmonics. “Profaner” with eerie guitar throbbing as drums cave in as tempo is slow at first then quickens as vocals enter the forbidden chamber of devastation. Pounding the food are drums and raising the bar electric guitar does it’s job entirely. Cymbal hits and guitar harmonics end this track as the next track “Lurking Into Absurdity” begins with synth effects plus shouting or someone screaming in agony or pain. Drums do take control with variations in tempo and rhythm as guitar cries and echoes. Rampage of a full band unison swarms the audio spectrums as this track is 3 minutes long.

Drums and guitar have the transition into the last track on this album. “Horrors From The Unknown” with string effects and keyboard before bass guitar introduces this track with drums. The tempo pulled back to walking pace for the time being but there is a steady crescendo but tempo speeds up only to slow down again. Swapping time signatures perhaps as drums take charge of this role in bringing the narrative to a conclusion. The album closes eventually after echoes of vocals cry in pain and drums stamp their authority. Overall a well paced album in terms of tempo, full of surprises and thrills we can only enjoy listening to. Probably there could be more variation but altogether the guitar and bass guitar plus drums underline the meaning of death metal so keep an eye out for these guys.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Intro/Cerebral Cremation
2. Morbid Darkness
3. Morbus Grave
4. Traumatic Malignancy
5. Mangled
6. Profaner
7. Lurking Into Absurdity
8. Horrors From The Unknown
Erman - Vocals
Edy - Guitars
Tommaso ‘Maso Alastor’ Volpe - Guitars and Bass Guitar
Danny Guerra - Drums
Record Label: Chaos Records


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Edited 31 January 2023

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