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Mord - Necrosodomic Abyss (CD)

Necrosodomic Abyss
by Yiannis Doukas at 26 April 2008, 3:20 PM

The foundation of MORD occurd in 1999 inside Nordra's mind. During the first years the band was an one-man horde but in August 2003 a second demon came; named Necrolucas sitting behind the drum kit. Since then MORD has released two works via Southern Lord; the mini CD Unholy Inquisition and the full-length Christendom Perished, playing ultra fast and exhausting Black Metal. After all these we are arriving to the new contract with the French Osmose Productions, and the release during this year of the second attack, Necrosodomic Abyss.
Although the band is coming from Norway, the two members are from Poland and that's the reason between the strange language that they use; it's probably Polish. The other strange thing is the non- use of titles in their songs; all their works have names like 'Opus' with the number of track following. The music continues its hyper speed attack to our ears like in the Christendom Perished CD, and I must say that this album is a bit better than its predecessor. The drumming is demonic in these fast parts but I would prefer a better sound, more necro.
Some nice bands you can put them next to are BEASTCRAFT or (maybe 'cause of their vocals) bands like MANIAC BUTCHER or some MASTER'S HAMMER. The mid-tempo parts are killer; just check how the second track starts off and together with a good voice (probably with some effects behind) the whole album is above the average of the current Black scene easily.
In most of their moments the music has a headbanging feel that is more powerful than any Black emotions. I don't know if they are giving any gigs but the tunes here look good enough for this purpose. I would like a more 'necro' aura inside but I cannot say I'm disappointed. The cover is a killer and I propose you to check them. There is also a USA band with the same name that had released an album two years ago, Imperium Magnum Infernalis, also into Black Metal, that is good.

3 Star Rating

Opus I
Opus II
Opus III
Opus IV
Opus V
Opus VI
Opus VII
Nordra - Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Necrolucas - Drums
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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