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Mordatorium - Obsessed with Death

Obsessed with Death
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 07 October 2017, 1:18 PM

Death Metal is a genre of Metal that awakens deep passion in the fans. It’s a matter of facts, because it seems to be the greatest genre of Metal in number of fans and bands. Passion is enough for a fan, but not the only thing that fuels a good work. To play Death Metal demands an insight that the genre is full of very good bands, a vision that you must be different from the others. Although the North American band MORDATORIUM is talented, “Obsessed With Death” is another album that will be buried by sands of time in the future.

Yes, I chose the right words. They have passion, it’s clear for our ears, but lack of personality. They remind me of a lot many Death Metal bands from the 90s, without any different element from a lot of bands that already existed in the past and exist by now. Sorry, but they are in the middle of the flood of those bands without anything new to say. Maybe their work has too much passion, but you must be yourself, not any other band. “Obsessed With Death” was recorded at Exorcist Project Studio, and was mixed and mastered by Andrew Oosterbaan (the band’s vocalist/guitarist/bassist), and the sound quality is good, even trying to emulate that raw and brutal sound from the beginning of the 90s. It’s clear enough for us to understand what they want to do. The instrumental tunes could be better (the drums’ tunes are really too moldy) as well.

Their nine songs show that they could have done something better, even with the focus on Old School Death Metal. The energy shown on “Rampage”, the slow tempos of “Obsessed With Death”, some catchy riffs and good drumming on “The Culling”, the slow parts on “Murder Castle”, and the good aggressive insight used on “The Gallows” show that they could do better than we hear on this album. What I have to say is that they must breath some fresh air, forget the old formulas of the past and try to breathe some life on their musical work. Potential for that they have, it’s a matter of using it.

Originality: 3
Songwriting: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 4

2 Star Rating

1. Rampage
2. Obsessed With Death
3. Beheaded
4. The Culling
5. Biting Cold
6. Murder Castle
7. Overmind
8. The Gallows
9. The Butcher 
Andrew Oosterbaan - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Pearl Kacew - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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