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Mordax – Violence Fraud Treachery

Violence Fraud Treachery
by Cory A. Jones at 02 February 2012, 9:15 PM

Alright, so Thrash Metal is alive and well. If you need evidence of this you really don’t need to look any further than this band MORDAX. These Danish kids have thrown together quite a heavy sound that they use to club you over the head with on “Violence, Fraud, Treachery” from beginning to end.

While their music is heavy and kick-ass, it also unfortunately lacks the kind of freshness that is so desperately needed right now in the Thrash scene. It’s really too bad because MORDAX are solid musicians and are brand new; so they might be the one that tired, eager, and severely bored Thrash fans might be looking to for something unique. Sadly, they won’t find it on this record. Heavy as it might be.

The other gripe that needs to be mentioned is that the record plays like a loop of the same song over, and over, with only occasional flavour changes that attempt to keep it interesting. There’s some seriously heavy riffs going on here, but it’s really kind of lost in translation by the time you get halfway through “Silhouette Of God”. The vocals are also a bit repetitious and irritating. The cool part though is that Asbjorn Steffenson seriously sounds like IHSAHN. It’s sometimes like hearing IHSAHN scream for a Thrash band. Then again, I get annoyed with IHSAHN’s vocals after a while as well.

It’s really hard to pick any standout tracks because, as far as I’m concerned, there aren’t any. It has its moments; like the acoustic bits on “Necrotic Hordes” or the intro to “Monarch Of All”, but track-wise… meh. It’s a fair record. It’s got the heaviness where it counts, and it maintains it the whole way. The production quality is solid, and it’s a well-made, entertaining record. It’s just nothing unique, or original by any means. There’s a ton of records like this one, so there’s really nothing special about it. Buy this if you have any specific interest in MORDAX, or just wait for them to do something truly unique.

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Trademark: Strangulation
3. Devoured By Life
4. Acts Of Aggression
5. Monarch Of All
6. Silhouette Of God
7. Necrotic Hordes
8. Contrapasso
9. No Redeemer
10. Walk The Earth
11. Treachery
Asbjorn Steffenson– Vocals
Lord Insane– Guitars
Ejnar Videbaek– Drums
Jeff Hailund– Bass
Mads Bertram- Guitars
Record Label: Ultimhate Records


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