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Mordhell – Suffer In Hell

Suffer In Hell
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 21 July 2011, 12:36 AM

With all the polished stuff going on today, there is that strong urge or that need to be raw for a change, to be against the tide. As some Metalheads has the notion that the need for evil, raw, old school Metal is badly neededand missed for years, various of bands follow the sign of that headless cross. The sophomore “Suffer In Hell” album, laid out by the wretched hands of the Polish MORDHELL, was a sort of a morbid and drunken howl back to the early 90s in Norway where a new era in Metal took its new blackish throne. However, it seemed that “Suffer In Hell” wasn't that of a full time raw Black Metal release, it was a little more than that.

At first, the additional aspects ofthe music made it, on paper, to be rather intriguing. The music, as it was perceived, tended to follow not only Black Metal, in the vein of DARKTHRONE for example, but also 80s Stoner Metal in the likes of MOTORHEAD and early 90s Punk in the vein of, let's say, BAD RELIGION or NOFX. Therefore, again on paper, evil and corpse painted as they might be, this hellish crew attempted to create something simple, catchy and lest we forget, hardcore as a sadistic torture. On the other hand, paper is just a paper and it is only a fraction of the lesser reality of what came next.

For one thing, MORDHELL insured that they will gain the right raw production in order that it would sound a lot more like the satanic second wave of Black Metal. In that section of the assessment they had a winning ticket. Nevertheless, their material wasn't that firing as it meant to be. In overall, simple as the music might had been, the less innovative the band was. Over and over there were the same riffs, whether Punky or more Metalized. Maybe in a few ordeals like on the album’squality trackers as "Torment Till Death" and "Smell Of Burning Skin", the feeling was a bit different as those had something more to offer, even a solo section on the latter.

Basically, besides being average most of the way, the general reaction was of consuming boredom. It was like the material wasn't going anywhere. Here and there MORDHELL had a few prickles of classic Black Metal nature that even offered the same sensation of early 90s extreme albums, yet no more than that. The vocal section can't be blamedbecause that is the way it is with this subgenre, yet, even while being sick and filthy, the delivered sensation could have been different no matter the lyrics and themes.

To conclude, MORDHELL seemed to have a nice idea to follow as they mixed Norwegian style of early 90s Black Metal with several of rather classic elements from different worlds. However, the fine idea should have dragged with it just a little more thought because simplicity can still be dirty and foul, yet only the artists can convey it to become a beautiful being.   

2 Star Rating

1. Smell of Burning Skin
2. Alcoholic Titfuckblast
3. Torment Till Death
4. You Are My Fucking Pornostar
5. I Shit On Your God
6. Graveyard Fuck
7. Princess-Faeces
8. Shut Up Cunt
9. Shit Blood And Metal Black
10. Destroy Yourself
11. Suffer In Hell
12. Dechristianize
13. Possessed By Alcohol 
Nekrophiliac– Vocals
Bloodwhip– Guitars
Defekator– Guitars
Grave– Bass
Diabolizer– Drums
Record Label: Pagan Records


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