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More Than A Thousand - Vol. 5 Lost At Home

More Than A Thousand
Vol. 5 Lost At Home
by Tuoksu Holopainen at 16 March 2014, 10:06 PM

Unfortunately I've been assigned this review and it turns out to be some Portuguese band labeling themselves as a Heavy Metal band, however, as it would seem to be, without concerning if it is modern or not because it is a matter of perceptions, I got here yet another stick formula Metalcore band, and it was really hard to tolerate the same old kind of similarity and replication over and over again.

As Metalcore as it gets, though massively sounds, as most of them out there are, I felt this one coming down on me as a burden rather than something to relish my time upon. I assume, and at times it is not just that mere assumption, that for your average 13-year-old newbie "Metal" kid this stuff might become quite appealing as heaviness and total anger are a part of the game, and believe me that it is all here in masses. “I Am The Anchor” may have several melodic lines that seemed somewhat impressive, vocals equally setting in motion nicely, yet I have heard it a thousand times, especially the riffery. Therefore, I couldn’t find myself enjoying no more than two tracks on the album, it felt cold, steel plated, with a drench of emotion. All you get is a dominant control of banal breakdowns, irritating screaming growls and squeals that were less to be desired and the oh so known occasional, partly flat, clean vocals that kind of help alleviate the disturbance caused by the main screamos and chug gutturals.

My bottom line of all this is rather simple to comprehend, I can’t believe that I would find myself in the vicinity of such a release of the sort in the future. With the sea of bands out there, mostly following the same patterns, and it goes for every subgenre in Metal / Rock music, mere mimics and repetitive structures and lines can be a encumbrance.  

2 Star Rating

1. Heist
2. Lost At Home
3. Fight Your Demons
4. I Am the Anchor
5. Feed The Caskets
6. Dear Friend
7. Song of Death
8. Never Let Go
9. Swallow Your Poison
10. Cross My Heart
11. No Mercy For the Weak
12. Interlude
13. Room of Blades
14. Midnight Calls
Vasco Ramos - Vocals
Filipe Survival - Guitar
Sérgio Sousa - Guitar
Mike Ghost - Bass
Wilson Silva - Drums
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records


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