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Moretta - What's Left Means Nothing

What's Left Means Nothing
by Sooraj Ram at 25 September 2017, 9:15 PM

Metalcore is not what many might assume. Starting off as an experimental amalgamation of Hardcore Punk and Metal, the genre dealt with a lot of controversies once newer bands added the melodic element to it; and whilst some enjoyed this particular style others were left a bit disappointed. The new wave of Metalcore saw more variations with the addition of Electronica and Rock characters. One of those newer stylistic variations morphed into Nu Metalcore. Ironically MORETTA try to include all possible stylistic variations so as to produce an original and less stereotypical sound; and the recently released “What's Left Means Nothing” reflects that. Having 11 melodic and catchy tunes the album turned out well except for some imperfections.

“At One Point” is the second track off this album. There is hardly anything worth describing as Metalcore given that all you hear is Radio Rock, that is until the lung-collapsing screams kick in. The track is decent and catchy but fails to deliver a punch that most of the people (including me) had hoped for. The third track “Death Wish” reminded me of KORN and SLIPKNOT, with the disturbing scratching intro similar to the latter band, and the deliverance of the first few verses in the vein of Jonathan Davis from KORN. The song is catchy enough but being a Metalcore fan myself I am not satisfied with their Nu Metal come Metalcore sound. Nevertheless, one of the highlights of this record is undoubtedly the Catchy Choruses.

With the first set of songs dominating with mesmerizing clean vocals the other side of the record is slightly harsher. “Modern Day Coward” starts off with a heavy breakdown-ish structure that proceeds with harsh vocals paired with perfectly tuned double bass kicks. The final breakdown is probably the worst one on this record as it sounds as if the instrumentation is falling apart altogether. Yet later the same breakdown is brought back to be executed much better on the last few seconds on the song as the riff is brought back to facilitate a smooth ending. At this point I thought that they were going to focus on harsh vocals for the rest of the tracks but Hurricane proved this wrong. Yet another melody-laden catchy tune the song is fine and might as well be one of the top three tracks. However, I did find some tiny flaws, one being the lack of utilization of harsh vocals. Although I’m not objected to cleans, It would’ve been better of they made a constant switch between the two.

The final three tracks – “Codependent on Heartbreak”, “Revive the Broken” and “The Unknown” - make for good closers. With “Codependent on Heartbreak” having the best breakdown on this album and “Revive The Broken” having some short sections of the foretold vocal switches that I really wanted.

What's Left Means Nothing” as a whole is a pretty decent effort. There are a couple of reasons why I feel this album is a mediocre instead being a perfect one - one of them being the chaotic mix between various stylistic approaches that they try to merge, which results in a confusing mindset. The blend of Nu Metal, Melodic Metalcore, Alt Metal and Rock is a little too much for an album to have since the original sound of Melodic Metalcore itself features quite a lot of genres. The second reason is the lack of punchy breakdowns. That being said, I am not suggesting that this album is pure trash. MORETTA do have huge potential, thus next time around I expect more crushing music. Although this album alone has a lot of catchy tunes to satisfy their fans, their next target should be expanding their fan base by putting out something enjoyable for all. To sum up the review I would like to say that it might be a mistake if someone sleeps on this album. Intense melody is a necessity after an hour-long extremity, and MORETTA might very well fill that place in your playlist.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. This Feeling
2. At One Point
3. Death Wish
4. Watch Me Suffer
5. Headstone Remorse
6. Modern Day Coward
7. Hurricane
8. Cue the Silence
9. Codependent on Heartbreak
10. Revive the Broken
11. The Unknown
Joe Paisley - Vocals
KC Marotta - Drums
Robby Erickson - Guitar/Vocals
Conner Schneberger - Bass/Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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