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Morfin - Consumed By Evil

Consumed By Evil
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 13 July 2017, 11:28 PM

The late 80s instigated the coming of an extreme Metal wave into the veils of the Metal underground scene. From there on it became one of Metal’s totems of worship. It was obvious that a change would twist things around imminently. Thus we have Death Metal, a subgenre that swept away the world. In relevance, with bands nowadays usually taking note in regards to the 90s decade of the brutal subgenre, I always wondered what about the root, the 80s period that made it all happen and come alive. I think I found myself one of the many answers through the Californian band MORFIN. Such a band that clearly showed that if you are a diehard follower of an artist, you might strive to become him in order to develop yourself while not fear of being rendered a copycat. Practically, I believe that it is natural for bands to follow their idols, yet MORFIN’s addiction to the pioneers DEATH’s late 80s pre-technical era might not be common at least when it comes to the point of making music, abiding by the exact same direction of the US band before the big break in the 90s.

Singing a song with a title that is nothing else but morbid, MORFIN released their sophomore album “Consumed By Evil”. It is also their second Death Metal preach through the German label, F.D.A. Records. This is possibly one of the easiest albums to comprehend, rapidly understand where you are at from the first few minutes of the opener. Other than a duo of instrumental examples where the guys felt on being artistic, going beyond the usual song output, “Consumed By Evil” is a wholesome chunk of meat, grinding it old school. As expected from a DEATH devotee, there is a swarm of well performed signatures of the late band, especially the sound and melodic phrases. However, there is positive note upon paying respects to the “Scream Bloody Gore” and “Leprosy” eras. Throughout the release, it became apparent that there is a musical talent within the MORFIN lineup, as largely, they killed it with the material as it felt raw, still undone, like a wild beast that still needs to be tamed, in a way it also sensed freedom.

Frankly, I found myself deeply intrigued by the songwriting when the first notes of “Contorted Truths” started dwelling in my ears. It is not that the earlier songs were a shuffle of noise, yet I have been looking to notice a twist. I was glad to have found it, and as the brutal “Carcinogenic Parasite” started playing, I knew that there is a bright future for these guys. The final “Consumed By Evil” title track simply nailed it, as if paying a tribute to the classic DEATH era, going back to 1987. These three tracks displayed progressed riffery with a sound that is step out of Thrash Metal, brutish drum beats that devoured and iconic soloing that wouldn’t put to shame their past signature innovator.

“Consumed By Evil” is a good release, a true capture of a classic era that seemed hard to rehash. However, I have the slightest feeling that MORFIN wouldn’t remain under the old school DEATH wing for long.

Purchase Link: F.D.A. Records

3 Star Rating

1. Reincarnated
2. Embodiment
3. Slowly Dismembered
4. Demonic Infestation
5. Illusions Of Horror
6. Posthumous
7. Contorted Truths
8. Carcinogenic Parasite
9. Consumed By Evil
Chucho Mairen - Vocals / Guitars
Mike De La O - Guitars
Michael Gonzalez - Bass
Edward Andrade - Drums
Record Label: F.D.A. Records


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