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Morfin - Inoculation Award winner

by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 27 February 2014, 2:29 PM

MORFIN is a Metal band, with heavy Death influences, from Pico Rivera, California. I generalize the genre because there are elements of all sorts of genres, mostly accumulating into a Death Metal type style. This is one of those bands that is definitely heavy but not that over the top excursion of brutality and mind warping speed. These guys are great though. The vocal quality is that of a Thrash styling, somewhere between harsh and clean. “Inoculation”, Is their debut cd, and it unique and creative.

As the cd rolls along I notice all sorts of stylings thrown into the mix. I like that; it cuts repetition down a lot. There is a raw, yet refined sound to this album. The drum work is not that fast that it sounds like a machine, but it is quite fast enough for the music being played. Intricacy is not an issue here either. The drummer switches it up quite frequently, doing his thing, yet keeping the time perfectly as well. The guitar work is pretty damn awesome. Intricacy is not much of an issue. Grant it not Prog intricacy, but surly enough to keep the listener from getting bored with it. There are lots of heavy riffs, and screaming solos. The vocals are a mixed clean / harsh to strait harsh. They fit very well with the music, which in spots takes quite a thrash edge. Of course these guys have worked very hard on the album, which you can tell.

Over all, MORFIN’s debut album “Inoculation” was pretty sweet. There were lots of transitions, going back and forth between riffs, beats, and even styles. It definitely kept my head banging the whole time I listened to it. I enjoyed the constant switching, because it wasn’t to the point as to create incoherence, but enough to produce a rich versatile sound that kept me interested the whole time. I would recommend these guys to any Metalhead.

4 Star Rating

1. Evil Within
2. Dark Creator
3. Lethal Progeny
4. Identity Killer
5. Cryostasis
6. Primordial
7. Inoculation
8. Brain Control
9. Viral Mutation
10. Leprosy
Miguel Hernandez - Drums
Pedro Gonzalez - Guitars
Michael Gonzalez - Bass
Jesus Romero - Guitars and Vocals
Record Label: F.D.A. Rekotz


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