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Morgana Lefay - Aberrations Of The Mind (CD)

Morgana Lefay
Aberrations Of The Mind
by Michael Dalakos at 21 April 2007, 2:15 PM

Alive and kicking! Yeah it's been 18 years since a local band changed its name from DAMAGE to MORGANA LEFAY. And thought they changed again their name from 1998 up to 2004 to simply LEFAY (due to legal reasons) once again they adopted the same name after they reunited with BLACK MARK (why do I get the feeling that BLACK MARK is the sole owner of the band's name? ouch!).
2004 was the returning year of MORGANA LEFAY. Their concept album Grand Materia unfortunately in my ears was not as strong as previous releases from the band. Maybe the concept behind it caused this short setback. Aberration Of The Mind on the other hand is a straight fucking heavy album that proves once again how tough these dudes can be. This is a quite aggressive album with furious tunes and a raw production that really reaches the standards set by albums like The Secret Doctrine and Maleficium.
The album kick-starts with the ultra violent Delusions and the pressure is constant until tune number four Depression that is a mid tempo dynamite. There's no doubt about it, this most be one of the most extreme albums of MORGANA LEFAY. This band was always too damn heavy to simply describe as power or even heavy metal. Yet at the same time you cannot classify them amongst the extreme acts of Sweden. I guess MORGANA LEFAY play in a league of their own! As always the distinct vocal lines of Charles Rytkonen are dominant - a classic occasion of love 'em or hate 'em in my opinion.
So in 2007 MORGANA LEFAY really deliver the album that signifies their return. Thumbs up, let the head banging begin!

4 Star Rating

Make a Wish
The Rush of Possession
Caught in the Tread Wheel
Reflections of War
Face of Fear
Where I Reign
In Shadows I Rule
Aberration of the Mind
Vultures Devouring
Over and Over Again
Nightmares Are Made in Hell (Bonus Track)
Charles Rytkonen - Vocals
Peter Grehn - Guitars
Fredrik Lundberg - Bass
Pelle Akerlind - Drums
Tony Ericsson - Guitars
Record Label: Black Mark


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