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Morganha - Rebellion

by Andrija "TheIslander" Petrovic at 15 August 2013, 12:38 PM

MORGHANA hails from Italy. “Rebellion” is their second full length release. In most cases the release that ether makes or breaks carriers in musical industry. MORGHANA brings mixture of different sounds based on Thrash Metal, with addition of lots of groove and just a hint of Death Metal, just to make things more interesting and effective. Seems like a good recipe for an powerful album. The personality is certainly not lacking on this recording, as well as their excellent skills in songwriting, balancing the best of all of their aspects.

“Old Deception” and “Raging Fire” reminiscent of the sounds of the early 90s Thrash. “The Breed” comes with fragmented rhythms with whole range of derivations from Thrash. “Dececrated” shows best what MORGHANA can do. Great riffs and crumbling rhythms comes back with “Shame” where MORGHANA takes their turn towards Thrashcore. “Messiah” is another fragmented track with lots of different rhythms and riffs, with bridge that`s keeping the song together in one place. Scheme that`s repeating over the album, but just in right amount so things wouldn`t get boring and overused. “Era” is another great peace that closes the album. Similar ideas that repeat though the songs generate a sense of monotony after several plays, but there is no question about those guys gave their best into this recording.

If you`re into fast and heavy stuff, “Rebellion” is the right album for you. It`s filled with chaos that somehow is held together, making it equally filled with noise and rhythm (depending on what you search for). Amazing drumming, bass lines that keeps you in the move, guitar riffs that are ripping through the songs, and harsh, growling vocals. That`s what this is all about.

3 Star Rating

1. Old Deception (Third from the Black Closet)
2. Raining Fire
3. The Breed
4. Desecrated
5. Shame
6. Messiah
7. Era
Francesco Menichetti – Bass
Francesco Spogli – Drums
Dani Amantini – Guitars
Roby Brian - Vocals
Record Label: Revalve Records


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