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Morgengrau - Extrinsic Pathway Award winner

Extrinsic Pathway
by Mary Orren-Spunelli at 29 April 2013, 4:58 PM

MORGENGRAU hails from Austin, Texas and proves that the USA can still pack a punch in the world of Metal. The opening self-titled track was impressive from the very start. The music is heavy, precise and as clean as a surgical blade. When the vocals kicked in, my jaw nearly hit the floor! This woman (Erika Tandy) can give Angela Gossow a run for her money any day. In my opinion, she is better than Gossow. She sounds sharper and has very good vocal control.

“Antithetical” opens with some fast drumming and then carries on at the ruthless pace of its predecessor. I always appreciate seeing a fellow female drummer who can mercilessly beat the skins, and Reba Carls does just that!

In the band’s bio they claim to combine their influences from Thrash, Speed and Death Metal into their music. Believe me, they can back that claim. They do it well. I also got a kick out of their statement “We play, you fuck yourself up in the pit. Simple!” Back in the day, I would have been in the pit for sure! But now that I am older and have had three babies, I think my days of physically being in the pit are over. I’m there in spirit though, especially when I listen to this! It makes me want to break out my old pair of Doc. Martens. Ah, those good old days! I would definitely enjoy seeing MORGENGRAU play live.

All of these tracks are nothing short of excellent, but a few of my favorites include: “Extrinsic Pathway”, “The White Death”, “Inner Self”, and “Choking Grove”, while “Grave of Lies” deserves a strong honorable mention for being a true headbanger’s delight. “Inner Self” stands apart for its diversity. All the above mentioned elements of Speed and Thrash are thrown together flawlessly while the vocals take on a deeper more guttural Death style.

Throughout many of these songs are some awesome chunky and galloping guitar riffs that are not too far from something you might hear from the likes of Jon Schaffer. Other parts sound very classic old-school Thrash / Death in the vein of SLAYER’s “Haunting the Chapel” and make me literally tingle with nostalgia! Just try to imagine ICED EARTH meets ARCH ENEMY meets vintage SLAYER, and you only begin to brush the surface of what MORGENGRAU has to offer. Their aggression and intensity show no mercy for the listener. This is easily one of the best releases I have had the pleasure of hearing in a long while! 

4 Star Rating

1. Extrinsic Pathway
2. Antithetical
3. The White Death
4. Inner Self
5. Choking Grove
6. Grave of Lies
7. Chernosh Enlighten
8. Polymorphic Communion
Erika Tandy - Vocals / Guitars
Nick Norris - Guitars
Jacob Holmes - Bass
Reba Carls - Drums
Record Label: Blind God Records


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