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Morgenstern - Fuego (CD)

by Makis Kirkos at 12 July 2004, 4:41 PM

Morgenstern claim to be a mediaeval attired Folk Metal band and they were formed in 1998 by Steffen (vocals, bass), Jens (guitar), Susanne (flute, clarinet) and Ulli (vocals, drums). Their opening demo Hexenhammer soon caught the attention of the German Rock media.
The band signed with Napalm Records in August 1999. Their debut Feuertaufe was released a year later in May. Founding member and vocalist Steffen left the band after discord erupted with regard to the direction the band should take (I wonder why).
In 2004 the band delivers Fuego, which means fire and in this case, stands for energy, strength, and power - exactly what the German medieval rockers wish to express with their music. It does not just refer to the warming fire, but also to the spiritual fire thought to burn within each of us. Ok? Let's start…
What is this thing? I have admit I had never heard of Morgenstern before, thank god. A feeling captures you the moment you press the play button on your stereo…laughs. Especially with the intro track Asche… which sounds like a hymn to Dracumel and The Smurfs. There is an annoying sampler tone that can be heard in the entire song, which makes you start crying from laughter.
The same annoying sample melody continues on Untertan and it goes something likenananana nananana nananana, sounds funny right? Wait until you really hear it on the album. Or better…do not wait, haha. I can't understand what kind of an instrument they used to do this melody but it sounds like a sampler that techno producers and DJ's use to add in their releases. This thing can be heard in the entire album and destroys any good music that can be found underneath.
Moving on to Carneval things sound better, of course with the same annoying tone still there. After a while the same melody can be heard using keyboards and I have to say it sounds a lot better. The lyrics are sung by Susanne (for the first time in the album) and that's a plus, hearing this song, which is not bad…actually it is a lot better than all the other album compositions.
Perhaps I am not the most appropriate person to review this release because 1) I can't speak / write or understand German and 2) I am not into Electro/Folk Metal sounds or bands. Although I thought it would be a challenge dealing with this album, finally it's more like a mistake. For sure Morgenstern are not a common Metal (don't know if this term is right though) band. They use several experimental tunes in their songs, such as flutes, clarinets and piccolos on Abgesang and strange Electronic samples that can't be defined.
They do have a strong and massive sound on their guitars, plus the bass and drum sound and effects are good. Perhaps the whole result would be better if they skipped all these Electronic additions but I guess that's the musical path the band follows. Certainly not my taste. Schlange has a really childish intro riff and melody line, reminds me of some kiddy tracks by some Greek kid bands, called The Jives…if you know. Actually this could be called heavy Metal for kids, having the appropriate lyrics or songs that teachers teach kids on trips.
As you already understand I wasn't impressed much by listening to this Electro/Folk Metal album, called Fuego. I have always been a huge Skyclad fan but the specific release has nothing to do with that term. Yes they do have flutes, clarinets and stuff but this doesn't mean they manage to do what they want. Of course there are a couple of good songs such as Sommernacht (in my opinion the best track of this album) and Carneval but other than that, there is nothing really special. On the other hand I might be wrong and you guys out there might like them, well it's up to you I guess…that's why they call it a musical taste.

2 Star Rating

Rico - Vocals
Ulli - Vocals,Drums
Jens - Guitars
Susanne - Flute,Clarinet
Jφrg - Bass
Dirk - Flute,Crumhorn,Shawm
Record Label: Napalm Records


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