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Morgul - Sketch Of A Supposed Murderer (CD)

Sketch Of A Supposed Murderer
by Yiannis Mitsakos at 30 May 2001, 11:43 AM

Some of you may remember the Norwegian artist Jack D. Ripper, also known as Morgul, and his previous release 'The Horror Grandeur'. That album managed to divide critics all around, since it's one of the albums you can call original or way out of it's league.

It all depends on how some people see neo-black metal, if such a term exists, but the vast majority loved this atmospheric, sick to the extremes album, and some even consider it a masterpiece.

Morgul is a one man band. Now, don't imagine one of these guys you see in a fair, with a drum in his back, an accordeon in his hands and a trompet fit in his mouth. He is a professional, and the production is top of the pick. Although he does all the music and the lyrics (except from the violin parts) he manages to make most of today's black metal bands envy him.

His latest release 'Sketch Of A Supposed Murderer' tries to keep up with his previous album, which is already a difficult task, but it seems like it fails in that section, since Morgul tried to make some more catchy songs.

The song that stands out is the aggressive and atmospheric 'Dead For A While'. 'Truth… Liars And Dead Flesh' and 'Of Murder And Misfortune' are also a couple of great songs. The traks vary from raw aggresive black to gothic metal, from industrial/electro, Kovenant-like style, to a mediocre Kiss cover (???).

Don't get me wrong, 'Sketch Of A Supposed Murderer' is a good album, worth of buying and listening, if you are looking for something new, and you can take such a deal of variety in a single album.

It relies on pure horror and the creativity of Jack. The violin really adds points and the production is great.

If you haven't listened to the previous release of Morgul, you might probably like this. If you have then you will find it interesting. In either case it's thumbs up, especially considering that this is the work of one man only.

4 Star Rating

Violent Perfect Illusions
The Dog And The Master
Dead For A While
Of Murder And Misfortune
Truth, Liars And Dead Flesh
Once Again
Jack D. Ripper (Music & Vocals)
Record Label: Century Media


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